Raised Bed Gardening

best gardening tool belt you can find 2023

Small hand tools come in handy when you’re gardening. However, these tools are easy to misplace due to their small size. You may not even

Raised Bed Gardening

spider mites on plants: what to do?

Spider mites are among the common pests found in both outdoor plants and houseplants. Spider mite damage not only makes any plant look unattractive, but

Raised Bed Gardening

is well water good for plants?

If you are living in an industrial or agricultural area, the water source is among the important things to consider. This is necessary especially if

Raised Bed Gardening

how to add compost to soil

Many are confused with getting the most out of their compost. Yes, many know that it is good for your garden. But not everyone knows

Raised Bed Gardening

gardening cleanup tips

Spring is here, so it’s time to clean your garden. You want to remove all the autumn leaves, spent perennial stems, and dead plants collected

Raised Bed Gardening

tomato companion plants

If you are growing a vegetable garden, one way to make your plants thrive is by trying companion planting. This is focused on attracting beneficial

Raised Bed Gardening

best vegetable gardening books

Beginners in gardening may think of planting and growing crops seem like a tedious task. This is a common way of thinking especially for those

Raised Bed Gardening

urban gardening Phoenix

Urban gardening allows people to grow their own food around urban areas. Because of urbanization, this practice is now considered a successful alternative as more

Raised Bed Gardening

best vegetables grown in Arizona

A low desert region, Arizona is known for its temperature that oftentimes goes more than 104 °F to 107 °F. This temperature range is considered

Raised Bed Gardening

raised bed gardening in Arizona

Arizona’s extreme climate conditions place a lot of stress on plants. Hot temperatures during summer and low humidity can make gardening challenging in Arizona. But

Raised Bed Gardening

raised bed vegetable gardening for beginners

Garden-fresh foods are known for their amazingly juicy and sweet flavors and vibrant textures. Nothing can compare to fresh vegetables, especially when you grow them

Raised Bed Gardening

some of our best gardening apron finds

Gardening can be messy and will require you to bring tools around when tending to your plants and crops. This is when a gardening apron


how to get rid of ants in garden beds

There are various garden pests that you may encounter as a gardener, and ants are among the pests that you might see in your garden


do elevated garden beds need drainage

Proper drainage prevents pooling water and root rot. Gardening pots usually have drainage holes but raised garden beds need certain drainage materials to improve plant


waist high raised garden bed plans

Among the things that you can add to your garden that will surely stand out are waist high raised garden beds. There are many reasons


things to know when planning a shade garden

Healthy shade plants can turn any garden into soothing sanctuaries. This is an interesting sight, especially during warm summer days. Shade gardens tend to transform


what to do with raised garden beds in winter

Once the gardening season ends, you might get distracted completely from cleaning up before winter. Preparing your raised garden for the winter or winterizing it


preparing garden for winter

Once the fall season starts, the activities in your garden will be slower than they used to be. The activities in your garden will depend


corner raised garden bed

Do the corners of your garden look bare and want to make use of the space for gardening? Then it is about time that you


Walmart raised garden bed review

If you want to save some money when building your raised garden bed, Walmart is a suitable place to find diverse options both sold in-store


patio raised garden bed

If you are dreaming of having homegrown flowers, vegetables, and herbs, but only have your patio as a free space, then you should search for


modern raised garden bed

Raised garden beds are great to get your green thumb into gardening. They are relatively easy to build and maintain, making them the perfect choice


what to put on bottom of raised garden bed?

If you are considering building raised garden beds, then you should plan to put something underneath. Not only will it provide adequate drainage, but it


raised garden bed with fence

Are you looking for fun activities and projects to fill your summer days? Look around your house, and you will find a few things that


raised garden bed with trellis

A raised garden bed with trellis is a great idea because it is extremely practical and easy to do. And the best thing about building


raised garden bed Costco reviews

Starting your raised garden bed journey can be a bit confusing especially with the various choices of raised garden bed options. Yes, you can make


inexpensive raised garden bed ideas

If you are one of those people who love gardening and are interested in trying raised garden beds, then you might be resorting to the


raised garden bed canadian tire review

Raised garden beds have their pros and cons, but more people are trying to get their hands in these, especially new gardeners. One of the


no dig raised garden bed

Everyone would agree that gardening would be more fun and less backbreaking if not for all the digging needed. However, it may surprise you that digging is


the beauty of painted raised garden bed

The use of untreated lumber building a raised garden bed is considered a gold standard a vegetable gardening, environmentalism, and health. Lately, more gardeners are staining or painting the raised beds. 


can I paint my raised garden bed?

Do you enjoy seeing a colourful garden? Most people think of gardens as colourful and attractive parts of their home. However, what happens when your gardens are out of vegetables or flowers? A garden will


average raised garden bed size

There are several factors that you must consider as you figure out the size of your raised garden beds as you build it. Some of these factors include


using pallets to make raised garden beds

Reusing wooden pallets has now become a trend when it comes to building raised garden beds. It has become more popular especially for gardeners who are short


what to know about raised garden beds?

Gardening alternatives are now getting popular and one of the convenient options you can try is building a raised garden bed. It comes with a


redwood raised garden bed

Constructing redwood raised garden beds offers a lot of benefits such as natural resistance to decay and insects. Redwood is a safe alternative to plastic


2×6 raised garden bed

Raised bed gardens are perfect not only for long-time gardeners but also for beginners. It offers a lot of benefits not only in terms of convenience


what is the advantage of raised garden beds?

If you are one of those people who are planning to build your vegetable garden, you may have come across the options of building a raised bed or just the usual in-ground garden.


can you use pine for raised garden beds?

Raised garden beds are easy to build and maintain. You just need to plan everything that you must do to make the bed last for years and continue growing crops. Start gardening


unique raised garden beds

Raised beds allow you to grow plants in a soil that is higher than the ground. Aside from the usual garden boxes, you can always


what to put in a raised garden bed

Before you can plant on a raised garden bed, there are a couple of things that you should prepare to get started. Aside from building


u shaped raised garden bed

Among the popular designs that are easily accessible at any point when gardening is building a u-shaped raised garden bed. It makes the task of tending to your


metal and wood raised garden beds

There are various materials that you can use when building your raised garden beds. Among the popular ones nowadays is the combination of metal and wood. It is


what to plant in a 4×4 raised garden bed

For some people, a 4×4 raised garden bed may seem small. However, you can maximize the production of various crops in a small space with the proper application of the principles in square


log raised garden bed

A raised garden bed is an ideal solution for those with shallow soil and who wants to plant. Raised beds are usually made of wood lumber, stone, durable fabric, bricks,


what to plant in a raised garden bed

As you are preparing your raised bed, you must also start to think about what to plant in a raised garden bed. You’ll have to consider what you want


how tall should a raised garden bed be

Aside from the length and width of raised garden beds, it is also important that you also consider how tall should a raised garden bed be. There are certain


best size for raised garden beds

There is no best size for raised garden beds, but you should have some ideas in mind on the size of the beds if you’re planning to build


how to plant a raised garden bed

Raised bed gardening has been a popular way of growing vegetables and even flowers. This is a common practice done by those with a small space but wants to


how to start a raised garden bed

If you’re into gardening but hesitates to start due to lack of space, then you should learn how to start a raised garden bed and build a raised garden in your


what is the best wood for raised garden bed

Raised garden beds are containers that are usually made from wood. Finding the best wood for raised garden beds is one way to determine how safe, sustainable,


raised bed soil vs. garden soil

If you are a full-fledged gardener through and through, you will surely agree that raised bed, gardening is the real game-changer. And if you are just getting


raised garden bed soil mixture

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