best gardening tool belt you can find 2023

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Small hand tools come in handy when you’re gardening. However, these tools are easy to misplace due to their small size. You may not even find them until you use a lawnmower to trim the grass. Consider using a garden tool belt to avoid losing your gardening tools.

why get a gardening tool belt?

A gardening tool belt can also keep your tools safe, organized, and within your reach. Most gardening tool belts have multiple pockets where you can keep your spray bottle, gloves, garden pruners, and trowel. 

Some belts have specialized slots for keeping a garden knife. Gardening belts also have an adjustable waist closure, so they can fit any size. So, if you want to keep your gardening essentials close, you should consider investing in a garden tool belt.

When you have a garden tool belt, you can carry your gardening tools and move them around your backyard with ease. Whether it’s for working on different household projects or gardening, investing in a sturdy and comfortable belt that you can carry anytime is a good idea.

choosing the materials for your gardening tool belt

Tool belts are made with different materials. Some are crafted from stiff materials that are wear-resistant. These belts can withstand damage by gardening knives, clippers, and other sharp tools. But these belts can be uncomfortable to use for extended periods, especially if you often bend down as the pockets can be trapped between your legs and your body.

On the other hand, belts made from flexible and lightweight materials are more comfortable to use. However, these belts will tear and sustain damage more easily. Identifying your needs and preferences will help you find the right tool belt that you can carry anywhere. 

other features you should consider when choosing your gardening tool belt

You should also consider how the pockets are attached to the belt. If the pockets are sewn to the belt, they will stay in place no matter what you do. But if the buckle or belt is uncomfortable or fails, the whole set won’t be of any use.

You can switch loop-style pockets between belts, but they can move unexpectedly in potentially dangerous or uncomfortable ways.

top finds for gardening tool belts this 2022

If you’re looking for garden tool belts, here are some of your best options.

truly garden’s garden tool belt


·         Made from polyester material

·         Measures 11” (wide) x 9” (tall)

·         Fits 26” to 48″ waists. A larger size is also offered.

·         Comes with five pockets, one utility loop, one elasticized loop that has a snap closure, and one carabiner clip

Truly Garden’s tool belt is one of the best gardening tool belts out there because of its useful features. It has five pockets and the largest one has a zippered closure. If you do not want your gear to slip out while you are tending to your garden, you can put it in the zipper pouch for your peace of mind.

The tool belt also comes with a mesh pocket that has an elasticized top, so you can keep your spray bottle or water bottle nearby. The elastic top keeps your bottle safely in place. Moreover, the open weave material prevents moisture from accumulating. Thus, you do not have to worry about having any uncomfortable wet spots if your water bottle leaks or sweats.

Plus, you can move the pouch out of the way since it is not sewn to the belt. You could also switch out the belt if you want to use another material like leather. The belt fits up to 48” waists, but you can buy a bigger one that can fit up to 54” waists. Both belts have the same features. The only difference is that the latter has a 6” belt extender. So, it’s a good option if you need bigger sizes. Cons include not being machine washable. Thus, you need to surface-clean the bag.

dickies single side gardening apron


·         Has five various pockets

·         Fits up to 52” waists

·         The aprons are made from durable canvas.

These side aprons can keep your tools and accessories within reach. It has five pockets where you can store your hand tools while moving around the garden. The side aprons are crafted from heavy-duty canvas, so you are assured that they will last for a long time.

It also comes with a durable buckle, so it is perfect for carrying tweezers, tags, pens, jute twine, scissors, razor blade, shears, and gloves. The side aprons fit up to 52” waists. So, if you want to keep your hands free while tending to your garden, consider getting one of these aprons.

myh garden’s tool belt holster


·         Made from polyurethane leather

·         Measures 9” (wide) x 13.8” (tall)

·         Fits 24” to 46” waists     

·         Comes with three pockets, one steel D-ring, and one utility loop

·         Not machine washable

MYH Garden’s Tool Belt Holster offers a lot of space for your garden tools and your phone. One of the key features of this must-have adjustable belt is that it is water-resistant. Thus, it will not become discolored or warp due to moisture. It is made from polyurethane, which feels and looks like leather. However, since it is a synthetic material, it dries quickly and repels water. In addition, it has resistance to damage from temperatures and sunlight.

These tool belts are also small, so you can put them over the side of your hip to keep your tools within reach. Plus, it prevents the belt from getting in your way when you are walking and kneeling.

However, the small size of the adjustable straps may not be enough for some gardeners as they may not have enough space for their tools. So, if you are fond of carrying a few spare garden tools while working on your garden, this belt may not be the right choice for you.

geboor’s waist bag belt


·         Comes with seven different-sized pockets

·         Made from oxford fabric that is washable and durable

·         Belt adjusts to 46.5” waists

Geboor’s Waist Bag Belt is a cost-effective and practical tool belt that has seven pockets, which can fit your gardening tools. It comes with a secure buckle to prevent it from moving around.

With this buckle, you can keep the belt in place without any problem. It is crafted from oxford fabric, so you can wash it anytime. So, if you need a bag to keep your essentials close by or if you often misplace your landscaping essentials, Geboor’s Waist Bag Belt with seven pockets is one of your best options.

It has two back pockets, one plastic clip, and five front pockets. One of the pockets on the front comes with a drawstring that you can tighten up to prevent your various tools from spilling out when you kneel or bend forward. This belt can make gardening more efficient and fun.

n1 oxford’s tool belt


·         Made from oxford fabric

·         Fits up to 51.2” waists

·         Measures 8.66” (wide) and 6.69” (tall)

·         Comes with eight pockets

·         It is not machine washable. The belt is surface washable only.

N1 Oxford’s Tool Belt is designed for skilled tradespeople like carpenters and electricians. Thus, the belt’s practical and sturdy construction makes it perfect for any landscaping and gardening tasks that require you to keep your tools in one place. One of the best features of this belt is the arrangement and number of pockets it has.

The belt has eight pockets in varied sizes, so it can accommodate various kinds of tools. The pockets are also spacious. Plus, the wide bottom makes it easy to store your tools and clothing. The central pocket is humongous and sturdy. Thus, it offers a lot of space for your pruner, trowel, and other gardening tools.

Aside from being spacious, the belt is also made from durable and stiff material so that the sides will not collapse. There is also a flap that has a Velcro closure to prevent your tools from spilling out.

The oxford fabric is also puncture-proof, so you do not have to worry about your tools poking holes through the belt. Thus, it is perfect for storing your pruners or tools with longer handles. However, the belt is quite bulky since the pockets take up a lot of space.

The belt is 5.11” deep. But the belt itself is quite small, so you can place it over your hip securely. As for the downside, the belt is not ideal for individuals with a small frame. N1 did not provide the belt’s smallest size. They only mentioned that its maximum length is 51.2”. So, for people with small waists who still want to use this belt, they can wear it a little lower on their hips.

lipstick tools’ pink tool belt


·         Comes with six spacious pockets

·         Adjustable and durable

·         Available in kid’s sizes

·         It fits 2 to 12 women’s sizes

Lipstick Tools’ Pink Tool Belt is the best gardening tool belt for those who want to add a splash of color to their gardening essentials. It has six deep pockets, so it can hold a lot of tools. Plus, the belt fits up to 12” women’s sizes. It also comes with a strong clasp to keep it in place.

The best part is that you can use it for different jobs and household projects to maintain the proper organization of tools. It feels sturdy around the waist and has deep pockets to make it easier for you to keep your gardening tools within reach.

the original pink box’s pb2belt tool belt


·         Made from polyester canvas

·         Measures 11.01” (tall) and 20.87” (long)

·         Has one utility hook and 10 pockets

·         Fits 23″ to 43″ waists

·         The belt is machine washable.

The Original Pink Box’s PB2BELT Tool Belt is another colorful addition to your garden. The bright pink tool belt comes with ten pockets in assorted sizes and shapes, giving you a lot of space for your gardening tools. It can accommodate standard-size tablets or a large water bottle. One of the best things about the belt is its three-piece design. It also has two detachable pouches.

One pouch comes with a utility loop, which you can easily move to the back or front of the pouch. The three-piece design also makes it easy to air-dry and wash your pouches. A drawstring closure would have been a nice addition to the large pockets so that you can completely close them. But overall, this belt is a durable and convenient addition to your gardening or landscaping essentials.

Also, the belt is surface washable only. Since it is bound to get dirty because you are working with soil, you must clean it gently. You can remove the soil by spraying it with some water and scrubbing it gently with a brush.

esschert design’s garden tool belt


·         Made from durable canvas

·         Measures 13” (wide) x 13” (tall)

·         Fits 31” to 53” waists

·         Comes with three pockets and four fabric loops for storing pencils or pens

·         The gardening apron is not machine washable. It is surface washable only.

Esschert Design’s Garden Tool Belt is made from a thin and lightweight canvas material. The gardening apron has three pockets where you can keep your gardening tools. The belt is like Dickies’ full apron, but it is 3” wider and taller than the latter, so it offers extra storage space for your gear.

Since the gardening apron is made from a thin material, it has a higher risk for ripping. So, if you want to store your pruners in the bag, you should not point them downwards. However, since the gardening apron’s main pocket holds many tools and is quite spacious, you can avoid this problem by laying the pruners down flat.

And if you want to clean the gardening apron, you can spray it with some water then scrub it lightly with a brush. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the belt could still be loose on people with small frames. So, if you have a small waist or frame, you have two options. You can either look for another option or wear the belt on the hips instead of your waist.

final thoughts

Consider the abovementioned options if you are looking for the best garden tool belts. These belts have a fair share of pros and cons, so choose the one that offers proper organization and fits your needs. Whatever you choose, make sure that you will be comfortable while using it. You do not want to wear garden tool belts that you have to pull up every time you walk or bend down.

You want the belt to stay in place so that you can wear it properly and focus on the task at hand. But most importantly, you want to keep all your accoutrements in a safe place. So, pick garden tool belts that fit you well and offer a lot of storage space. You can search for one online or visit local stores in your area. If you are planning to buy from an online site, search for the bag’s description for more detailed information about its details. That way, you will know how much storage space it offers. The site also offers information about the belt’s key features, so check it out.

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