gardening cleanup tips

Spring is here, so it’s time to clean your garden. You want to remove all the autumn leaves, spent perennial stems, and dead plants collected

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tomato companion plants

If you are growing a vegetable garden, one way to make your plants thrive is by trying companion planting. This is focused on attracting beneficial

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urban gardening Phoenix

Urban gardening allows people to grow their own food around urban areas. Because of urbanization, this practice is now considered a successful alternative as more

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no dig raised garden bed

Everyone would agree that gardening would be more fun and less backbreaking if not for all the digging needed. However, it may surprise you that digging is

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the beauty of painted raised garden bed

The use of untreated lumber building a raised garden bed is considered a gold standard a vegetable gardening, environmentalism, and health. Lately, more gardeners are staining or painting the raised beds. 

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can I paint my raised garden bed?

Do you enjoy seeing a colourful garden? Most people think of gardens as colourful and attractive parts of their home. However, what happens when your gardens are out of vegetables or flowers? A garden will

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redwood raised garden bed

Constructing redwood raised garden beds offers a lot of benefits such as natural resistance to decay and insects. Redwood is a safe alternative to plastic

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2×6 raised garden bed

Raised bed gardens are perfect not only for long-time gardeners but also for beginners. It offers a lot of benefits not only in terms of convenience

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u shaped raised garden bed

Among the popular designs that are easily accessible at any point when gardening is building a u-shaped raised garden bed. It makes the task of tending to your

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log raised garden bed

A raised garden bed is an ideal solution for those with shallow soil and who wants to plant. Raised beds are usually made of wood lumber, stone, durable fabric, bricks,

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