waist high raised garden bed plans

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Among the things that you can add to your garden that will surely stand out are waist high raised garden beds. There are many reasons why these beds are added to many gardens and why gardeners are choosing to add this to their already beautiful garden.

Some of the reasons are:

·         An elevated garden bed prevents soil compaction and is more manageable.

·         A waist high raised bed garden can drain well. Thus, encouraging lesser soil amendments, maintenance, weeding and a longer growing season.

If you are planning to make a waist high raised garden bed, the following are some waist high raised garden bed plans that you can consider doing. Read on and get to know more about the waist high raised garden bed plans that would suit your landscape.

simple yet beautiful waist high raised garden bed plans you can try

You probably know how convenient and practical owning raised garden beds is and why adding waist high raised beds in your garden is a good decision. Below are some of the simple, practical, cheap, and easy waist high raised garden bed plans that you can choose from and consider making for your garden:

waist high herb raised garden bed

This is among the waist high raised garden bed plans that can be easily incorporated into your patio or balcony. The raised garden bed is made of balusters, pressure-treated wood, side hooks, deck screws, and deck posts.

You can reinforce the bottom with some wooden boards that will function as a durable liner that can hold in the soil. Easily grow herbs without the need to keep kneeling or bending over when tending to different herbs and other plants.

cedar wood waist high raised garden bed

Made of pure cedar wood, this elevated garden bed measures 3ft by 6ft. The garden bed is raised to 18-cubic feet and is 2 feet deep. Many gardeners know that cedar is a good material to be used for garden beds. It is hard and not susceptible to rotting. You can put this up with bolts and screws.

wooden waist raised bed garden with bottom slats

This one may look like other basic waist high raised garden bed plans. The only difference is that this one has bottom slats that you can use for your gardening tools. Also made of cedarwood, it is attached using screws and bolts. It measures 4x4x12 and is 3ft deep. You can consider giving this as a gift to an elderly loved one who loves gardening but without the need to bend over or kneel when tending to the plants.

u-shaped waist raised garden bed

If you want to maximize the use of your garden space, you can transform it into an all-out DIY elevated planter box or space. Make a DIY U-shaped high raised garden bed and measure the height to your waist. You can divide the space to plant your herbs, vegetables, and even flowers.

You can add some solar lights on the corners to make your outdoor space more attractive. Decide on how you want to improve how it looks by painting the exterior or by letting the plants do their magic as soon as they start growing.

self-watering waist raised bed garden

If you are into more sustainable and eco-friendly gardening, you should opt for self-watering raised garden beds. A simple PVC pipe system is incorporated in this plan to supply sufficient water to keep the soil bed moist.

This is considered very convenient because you can leave the beds for a couple of days without worrying that your plants will start wilting. Since it is waist high, you will no longer have to worry about insects and pests penetrating the soil.

corrugated metal and wood waist elevated garden bed

Are you looking for a long-lasting garden bed? This waist high raised planter box is made of corrugated metal that is enclosed in a frame made of treated wood.

If you want your high raised garden bed to having a splash of colour, it is recommended that you have the pieces painted first before assembly. You can combine the plants that you can put in this planter like ornamental plants and vegetables.

painter’s canvas frame high raised garden bed

Have you seen the tripod-like frame that is used by painters in their canvas? If so, then you would easily get the idea behind this waist high garden bed.

This is among the waist high raised garden bed plans that you would like because of its portability. It is also constructed to improve the longevity of some cold weather vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, and beets until the summer months. Because it is waist high, your plants are protected from stray animals that may try to eat them.

milk crates waist high raised vegetable garden bed

With this plan, you have to use the milk crates. You have to stack up the crates to achieve the height that you want.

For this plan, you need a wooden platform where you can put the stacks of crates, or you can simply stack one or two crates to reach the height that you want. If you are familiar with square foot gardening, you can practice it on this material since it is just the right size for the design. Each crate measures about a square foot.

Since it has handles, you can easily move them around. Calculating the space is easy since the sizes are consistent, and you can arrange them in any way you want. The crates can also last for years. All you need is a landscape fabric liner and aeration pads that you have to put under the crates.

waist high garden bed with side benches and storage

If you spend more time in your garden or like to sit by the garden to find refuge after stressful work, then you might want to build a waist high garden bed with built in benches and storage.

You can use the extended wooden pallets not only as benches but also for putting other plants or a table when watering or pruning the plants. The extension for the benches also functions as an extra storage space, which gives you the ease of putting away your gardening tools with ease. Putting this in the middle of the garden is sure to be eye-catching.

vertical high raised garden bed

You can use treated wood or weather resistant lumber for this project along with bolts and screws to put it together. This is one of the waist high raised garden bed plans where you can create a pyramid-shaped multi-tier vertical garden bed. You can plant vegetables, ornamentals, or herbs in this bed.

This is a DIY woodworking project that will take a lot of time to construct. Use a hydrofarm germination station for jumpstarting seed germination of any plants. You can then transfer it to the raised bed once they start growing as seedlings.

waist high raised garden bed with removable side fences

Make your waist raised garden bed plans more protected from critters by adding removable side fences. In this plan, you can create the side fences using industrial wire and framed by thin yet sturdy wood to enclose the elevated garden raised bed. If you already have a raised bed, you just have the removable side fences left to construct.

height elevated raised bed from scrap wood

Another woodworking project that you can try is this one. It is a detailed and step-by-step DIY project where you can grow fresh vegetables right from your yard. You get to choose the type of wood you want to use and can change the sizes to what you want.

temporary waist high raised vegetable garden bed

This video will teach you how to use waist high raised garden bed kits that you can use to grow plants of your choice. It shows how convenient it is to plant on these temporary beds instead of an in ground garden. This is helpful for those who do not have enough space in their yard or those who may move to another house and still wants to bring their garden beds with them.

high raised garden beds you can purchase and can still build on your own

If you are not into DIY elevated garden beds, you can also purchase kits that you can still build on your own but requires less time to construct. The following are some of the kits you might want to try:

VegTrug 8 pocket herb garden

You can grow up to 8 types of herbs in this garden bed. It has an ideal working height and includes pre-formed replaceable liners. This is made of treated with food and plant safe preservatives and has a lower shelf as tools sections. It is also easy to build.

BLUMFELDT high grow raised garden bed

Grow your vegetables and transform your yard into a green oasis. This is ecological as it provides an optimal growth condition for growing different plants that you like. It is weather-resistant and has a stable frame that is suitable for compact gardening. Since it is high, it is back-friendly and will make gardening more fun and more comfortable. It is also easy to assemble.

Best Choice Products 57x20x33in mobile raised garden bed elevated wood planter box stand

This one has foldable side tables and allows you to have extra space for potted plants. These sides can also be used as an extended workspace or for holding supplies or tools. If you do not need the sides, you can just fold them to save space in your yard.

It provides easy mobility because of its locking wheels and has multipurpose storage underneath for your garden accessories. It has drainage holes to drain excess water and keep the soil fresh and prevent root breakdown. The bed also has a pre-stained finish that makes it an amazing complementary addition to the garden.

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