birdies garden beds: trusted brand for quality raised garden beds

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Birdies is a well-recognized name as the top and original manufacturer of quality raised garden beds in Australia. The company has been leading in the industry for more than 13 years and offers only the highest-quality and longest-lasting metal raised garden beds. In addition to that, they also offer the most configuration options, colours, and sizes. No doubt, they are considered Australia’s leading name in this industry.

Australia is considered one of the places in the world with the harshest climates for climates. Regardless, the company successfully provided durable raised beds for more than a decade. The company provides incredible metal raised beds that are not only available in Australia but also in the USA. So, customers in the US can now choose the various models, colours, and sizes.

birdies metal raised garden beds

Birdies garden beds are products that are “Made by a Gardener for the Gardener.” This statement is highly evident in all the good quality raised beds that Birdies has in their range of products. It makes gardening and growing superior quality organic vegetables in the comfort of your home.

why choose a metal raised garden bed from birdies?

Anyone can build a raised garden bed using wood, but durability–wise, it may not always be the best option when it comes to raised bed materials. It can be cheaper yes, but as it is exposed to different climates and other factors, it may not save you money and time.

Birdies’ Aluzinc steel is what makes their raised garden bed kits perfect for both beginners and long-time gardeners. No need to get the materials for yourself as the kits are ready for assembly. With the help of some tools, you can set up a garden and get you up and running for gardening in the shortest possible time.

reasons why birdies garden beds are worth investing

The following are some of the reasons why Birdies beds are amazing options to grow food:

  • Each garden bed is made from 24 gauge corrugated galvanized Aluzinc steel. This is considered a more durable and stronger version of corrugated steel with standard galvanized coatings.
  • To seal the Aluzinc coating and the colour, there is a layer of food-safe and non-toxic powder coating applied on top.
  • With proper care, Birdies garden products can last up to more than 13 years.
  • The rounded steel, modular garden beds have different sizes and heights that will fit your liking. This way, it can fit into any garden space that you have in your backyard. Whether it is round, rectangular, or square, these garden beds can fit in any space.
  • Birdies as modular 6-in-1 and 8-in-1 designs that allow you to achieve different dimensions depending on how you arrange the panels.
  • The beds are bottomless, so there is no need to drill drainage holes and improve the soil life.

pros and cons of getting the birdies raised garden beds

If you are already searching and looking online for a raised garden bed kit, Birdies garden beds are available in a wide range of options. You might want to know more about these raised garden beds before you start choosing and purchasing one.

pros of birdies beds

Below are the benefits of using Birdies garden products:

1. rust and corrosion resistant

The strong and durable 24-gauge corrugated Aluzinc steel is about 2 to 7x more effective against corrosion and rust. Most metal beds only use 3x thinner than Birdies garden beds and do not have an Aluzinc coating. Other raised beds would rust within a span of 3 to 7 years.

2. strong and lightweight

The whole box that a garden box comes when shipped can be easily carried without any help. Despite how light these raised beds are, these can last for up to 7x longer than the regular wooden garden bed.

3. design is customizable

There are two modular designs available and choose from the 6-in-1 or 8-in-1 design options. You can decide on the design that you like by arranging the panels when building them. The outcome of the design will depend mainly on how you put up the panels on the garden space available.

4. stylish

Birdies raised garden beds are available in 15” and 30” tall options. This saves you from bending down when planting or harvesting. You can simply sit on a small chair or kneel when tending to your garden.

Unlike the standard wood designs that are only 11” maximum in height, these garden beds promote better soil life, root growth, and drainage. The raised garden beds also offer improved pest resistance.

5. no contamination

The Aluzinc steel in Birdies products will not break down or leach over time. This is what makes these products completely safe to grow vegetables, flowers, and herbs in.

some cons of birdies garden products

Birdies garden beds indeed have a lot of benefits but there are some drawbacks that you still might want to know. These are:

1. assembly

You might expect a quick assembly for these kits, but an easy way to resolve this is if you have the right tools in hand. There is a hand wrench included in the kit, but this might take you a long time to assemble the raised bed.

It is recommended that you use a hand drill to set it up. The task can take about half an hour to finish with the drill method.

2. vinyl safety edging

After you assemble the raised garden bed, you will notice a safety strip protecting the edges of the bed. This is a safety feature, but the edging may tend to pop off at one of the ends. Though this does not happen every time, it might detach occasionally. You can use a clip like an office binder clip or chip clip, these will be sufficient to hold it.

3. made in australia

It is not made in the USA, so shipping might take some time before it reaches your home when you order one. Though it already partnered with a US-based company, all products will still be shipped out from the company manufacturing these raised garden beds in Australia.

birdies raised garden beds review

Gardening is made easier with the wide range of Birdies Garden Products from which you can choose. All products such as the Original 8-in-1, Tall 8-in-1, Original 6-in-1, and Tall 6-in-1 raised bed kits to include:

·         6 side panels
·         4 corner panels
·         A pack of washers, bolts, and nuts
·         Vinyl safety edging
·         Hand wrench
·         An instruction manual

The following are short reviews about the products that Birdies have to offer to help you decide which one to order:

1. original birdies 8-in1 metal raised garden bed

Most people love how these kits look fabulous and only took them at least 30 minutes to set up. Some added these 8-in-1 beds in their garden and were impressed with its quality. They simply filled it with soil, leaves, shredded paper, and bush to prepare it for planting.

2. tall 8-in-1 metal raised garden bed

Just like the original this one also received positive reviews from people who find these kits easy to assemble and has holes that are large enough to wiggle nuts and bolts into place. They love the height and fill it with soil and other amendments to prepare it for planting. There was a minor issue mentioned where the support rods were a bit long and only require a hacksaw to achieve the desired length.

3. original 6-in-1 metal raised bed

Most of the people who bought this raised garden bed kit loved it and mentioned that it was very sturdy and easy to assemble. They love how attractive and clean they look in their garden. Most reviews were impressed with the quality of the beds and love the height of the beds. They were already having several beds growing their food conveniently.

4. tall 6-in-1 metal raised bed

People who bought these kits made mostly positive reviews about it like it replaced their old wood raised beds and now love the taller beds that save them from bending over. Some already have several of these beds and are looking forward to getting more for their other plants. They love how it allows them to spend more time in the garden because of its height and how it matches their landscape or patio.

Learn how to set up Birdies Garden Beds with the video below:

Learn how to fill, fertilize, plant, and mulch your Birdies raised beds:

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