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Starting your raised garden bed journey can be a bit confusing especially with the various choices of raised garden bed options. Yes, you can make one from scratch. However, if you do not have much time, you can always resort to choosing a raised garden bed at Costco.

There are other places where raised garden beds can be found but the benefits of purchasing one at Costco are that you can save time and effort.

There are other places where raised garden beds can be found but the benefits of purchasing one at Costco are that you can save time and effort. The raised garden bed kits are already prefabricated for your immediate use. Thus, there is no need to make one yourself which would require the use of carpentry tools, time, and energy. These are raised garden bed kits that you can purchase from the warehouse intended for gardening enthusiasts.

why choose a raised garden bed from Costco?

The topmost benefit of getting a raised garden from Costco is that you get to choose the size of raised garden beds that will fit in your garden space and the style that you prefer. To help you choose, we have gathered some of the top raised garden beds that you can choose from in Costco.

vita white vinyl raised garden bed, 2-pack

This is made with premium white vinyl and can be attached to create a larger raised garden bed. It has a minimalist design as well as effortless functionality. The 4x4x11 classic garden bed is appropriate for growing deep root veggies, some of your favourite flowers, and herbs.

It is crafted using food-grade, durable, BPA/phthalate-free vinyl and requires minimal maintenance without affecting its quality. The garden bed is easy to customize and ensures an effortless experience for new gardeners. Boards are designed to easily slide into posts without the need for screws or tools. It allows you to add multiple boards and customize the layout of your choice.

what people think about it

Many who bought this considered this as a great option for gardening starters because there was no hardware with which they must deal. This may require a lot of soil mix to fill but what most people love about it is that it is more attractive and is made to last longer than raised beds made of wood.

vita urbana raised garden bed, 2-pack

This is made from a BPA-Free PVC blend and has dual finish boards – embossed or brushed. It requires no tools for assembly, and it allows you to connect multiples to get the size that is suitable for your backyard.

what people think about it

Most people who made a purchase, love the simplicity of these raised garden beds. However, the most common issue that they had is that the resin planks are thin that they either break during shipment or break during assembly. Regardless, they can get replaced and corners are interconnected by extruded aluminum with a finish and fit that is spot on. They are worth the money and will last for years.

self-watering elevated garden planter

If you are looking for a wood raised garden bed, then this one is made from rescued western red cedar that is known for its eco-friendliness. It is known for combining the utility and flexibility of elevated planters with the innovative technology of its self-watering reservoir system.

You can grow herbs, veggies, and other plants that are sure to thrive. Roots will receive moisture from underneath with the wicking and evaporation process that is considered a more efficient way to feed plants.

It uses less water because of the reservoir that captures and retains the water whenever it is needed. This also has overflow valves that ensure the root systems will not be waterlogged.

what people think about it

People who bought the raised garden beds love how they looked and the convenience of assembling them. They like how it is space efficient and very sturdy. The manual that came with it is easy to read and understand that made putting it together easy.

vita keyhole 4′ x 4′ Composting Garden Bed

Thinking that a composter and a garden bed combined is impossible? Well, this composting garden proves you wrong. The inspiration behind the creation of this raised garden bed is from the African keyhole technique. This allows you to grow vegetables and compost all household waste in the same container. Made from durable BPA/phthalate-free and durable polymer ensuring safe and healthy food production. It also ensures a long lifespan for the product. It is beautifully designed, smart, and at the same sustainable.

what people think about it

Most of the people loved how this composter and raised garden bed in one. It is attractive and looks good in any backyard or patio. Just like the raised garden beds mentioned above, this one is also easy to assemble. They are plants were thriving and have reduced the garden and household waste.

A minor problem that they encounter is the presence of flies and other pests because the top of the composter is open. Other than that, most people love how they were able to grow healthy plants and lessen their household wastes at the same time.

These abovementioned options were highly rated by garden enthusiasts who want to venture with raised bed gardening. As you would notice with most of these options, all are easy to assemble, which is suitable for those who are just starting and has no other people to assist them in starting.

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