raised garden bed with trellis

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A raised garden bed with trellis is a great idea because it is extremely practical and easy to do. And the best thing about building one is that it is customizable. With some chicken wire and a few stakes, you can make your own raised garden bed with trellis in less than an hour. You can also use wood if you want. But why do you need a raised garden bed with trellis in the first place?

why you need a raised garden bed with trellis

A raised garden bed with trellis is required for good plant support. A trellis also maximizes space. Since the bed’s horizontal space will not restrict the plants, they can grow up properly. You will get more crops and create a beautiful garden in your backyard.

You need a trellis for climbing plants like snap peas, tomatoes, and bean poles. Some plants that grow in the soil are excellent climbers like winter squash, pumpkins, and cucumbers. Other plants like raspberries and peppers are not climbers but benefit well from good plant support. A trellis works well with any raised bed garden.

how high should your raised bed garden be?

Raised beds can differ in size. It all depends on the bed’s location or site, your preferences, and the materials you will use for its construction. The bed’s frames can be made from masonry, wood, or other materials.

Raised beds are usually 6″ x 8″ high, 6′ to 8′ long, and 3′ to 6′ wide. Some frames are taller and have bricks or blocks to make them accessible to those with difficulty stooping or bending especially when harvesting the crops they planted.

tips when building a diy trellis

You can get the necessary supplies at a gardening store. It is recommended that you build the trellis in advance because most trellises must be fitted into the box before planting. So here are some tips on how to create a DIY trellis.

when building a rectangular trellis

You need to build a 3-sided frame with wood. The frame should be as tall and long as the beds it will be paired with. In other words, the length of the trellis should be the same as that of the bed. Note that if the frame is too skinny or tall, you need to put extra support at its base to prevent it from collapsing.

Next is to attach the trellis to the outside of the beds using screws or nails. Another option is to stick the posts into the beds. You can also build the frames from PVC pipes, metal fence posts, or other fine or thinner materials. Once you have attached and secured the post to the box, you can start planting flowers or other plants in the bed.

when building a diy archway trellis

The best thing about this idea is that you can bend the material to create a beautiful landscape in your garden or yard. If you want to build a sturdy archway, you should go for cattle fencing or other ladder-like structures designed for archways. Now, lay out the pieces of wood on your work surface.

Use T posts to add extra support to the trellis, then attach the fencing with screws, zip ties, or wire. You can stake the archway outside or inside of the box. If you want to place the fencing inside the box, you should install your DIY trellis before filling the gardening box with soil.

when building a cover trellis

You only need zip ties, wire fencing, and wire clippers to attach a cover trellis to your gardening boxes. The fencing should cover the space between the cover posts. Now, secure it to the box and remove any overhanging edges.

If you do not have the time or patience to build a raised box, you can buy a planter box to make everything easier for you and then install a trellis to provide support to your plants. Ready-made trellises are also available. You will find these trellises in colours like red and green.

After securing the post and trellis, you can now move on to your favourite part. You can start planting cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, or flowers in the planters or boxes. Consider putting some decorative elements in your garden as well. For instance, you can label the plants with the right sign to make them easier to recognize.

types of diy trellis

There are several types of DIY trellis, and the most usual form is the rectangular one. This type of trellis has a rectangular frame, which covers the entire side of your garden. You can secure the frame with cattle fencing or chicken wire. However, a rectangular trellis also blocks the bed, preventing you from reaching the soil. Here are other types of DIY trellises that you can make for your garden.

archway trellis

Archway trellises offer both horizontal and vertical space above the raised bed. However, you need to harvest your plants on time if you do not want them to fall on you. To make an archway trellis, you need to bend the wire fencing in an arch. You can build the trellis between two raised beds or across the entire bed. Another option is to make a tunnel of climbing plants.

string trellis

A string trellis requires a heavy-duty string. Since you need to weave the string in, you can choose how small or large the grid is. A string trellis only works for delicate plants as it does not offer the same support as wires. This kind of trellis is suitable for peppers and tomatoes.

ladder trellis

The ladder trellis is simply a wooden ladder. You must place a wooden ladder inside the bed. If you put it outside, the ladder will take up more space than the raised bed. Since the spaces between the rungs are more extensive than chicken wires, this trellis will work well with large vines.

triangular string trellis

Triangular string trellises are ideal for small vines that climb up individual posts such as beans. This DIY trellis requires you to tie the strings vertically across A-shape frames.

cover trellis

If you already own a raised bed cover, all you need to do is attach a string or chicken wire across the center. This DIY trellis is quite easy to do, and the best part is that you will have a two-in-one design.

square trellis panels

Square trellis panels have a grid-like nature that allows you to see the other side while keeping your privacy as well. This type of trellis is ideal for climbing plants and hiding unattractive spots in the garden.

fan-shaped trellis

Fan-shaped trellises are ideal for those limited space in their patio, garden, or backyard because they support plant growth and do not take a lot of space. These trellises offer a lot of growing space, making them great for plants with central stems that split into countless vines such as grapes and passion fruit.

Fan-shaped trellises are also suitable for small gardening beds, but you need to secure them properly. Otherwise, it will become top-heavy, and when this happens, it will fall and collapse. Fan-shaped trellises are typically attached to a wall or one side of a raised bed.

benefits of raised bed

Raised beds offer many benefits, such as preventing plant damage and soil compaction. Since people do not walk in a raised bed garden, the plants are protected from foot traffic, and the soil does not get compacted.

A raised garden bed is also more manageable than in-ground garden beds. In addition, raised beds can provide better growing conditions and longer growing seasons because they drain better and warm up faster in the spring. Raised beds require less maintenance too.

You can also buy raised bed kits that are easy to assemble. These beds have half-lapped corners that are secured with steel rods. So, in just a few minutes, you can have a durable raised bed for flowers, vegetables, and other plants that you can either sell or grow for personal use. And since it is elevated a bit, it is easier to access than an in-ground bed.

The corner pins also allow you to put the raised bed garden on your patio or hard ground if needed. These kits come at a reasonable price, and if you do not have time to visit a local gardening store, you can buy one online. Look for a reliable website that offers raised bed kits and place your order. Be sure to read the description for more details about the raised box.

disadvantages of raised beds

Raised beds have some disadvantages as well. For instance, raised garden beds require an edge or wall restraint. Elevated raised beds are also costly and need some engineering to support the soil’s weight. That is why you should consider what kind of raised garden bed is suitable for your needs.

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