raised garden bed with fence

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Are you looking for fun activities and projects to fill your summer days? Look around your house, and you will find a few things that can keep you busy this summer. And if you want to take your garden to a whole new level, why don’t you consider building a few raised garden beds to grow some of your favourite plants?

An increasing number of people are choosing raised garden beds because of the benefits that it offers. For instance, you do not need to bend down to access the plants since the bed is elevated. But having a raised garden bed is not enough because you need something that can protect your hands. That is where building a raised garden bed with a fence comes in.

raised garden bed with a fence

A raised garden bed with a fence will prevent critters and unwanted animals from harming your plants. Thus, it is ideal for growing all kinds of flowers and vegetables. The best part is that you can build a raised garden bed in the comfort of your own home.

benefits of a raised garden bed

Aside from providing easy access to plants, raised garden beds are more practical and look nicer than an in-ground bed. A raised garden is beneficial for those who live in the city and want to create a backyard vegetable garden. But the best part is that it is easier to maintain than in-ground beds.

soil requirements for raised garden beds

You can fill your raised garden with your backyard topsoil, but it is an innovative idea to start fresh so that you can prevent weeds too. The best DIY soil blend comprises 50 percent screened topsoil with healthy loam and 50 percent screened compost.

But premium soil blend is composed of 1/3 peat moss, vermiculite, and compost blend. The compost is essential because, without it, the raised bed will fail. You can also place a garden sign to make it easier to recognize the plants.

can you install a garden bed on concrete surfaces?

Yes, you can. You can install a raised bed on the patio and other concrete surfaces. Keep in mind that well-built garden beds on concrete drain faster than those placed on the ground. Thus, you may need to water the garden bed more often.

how to make a raised bed with fence

Aside from being a fun summer project, garden beds can protect your plants from critters. But for taller animals, you need to put up a “wall” around the bed to keep them away from your plants. You can do this is by installing metal fencing around the raised bed. Here is a DIY project that you can try at home. It is easy to do because it has a straightforward design.

material details

You are going to make a 4’ x 1’ removable gate, but you can make it taller if you want to. To start, prepare the materials required for the job. You need two 2’ wood dowels that are 5/8″ in diameter, two wood furring strips (1″ by 2″ by 8′), one 2’ PVC pipe that is 1″ diameter, eight nails or wood screws (3/4″), and two plastic conduit brackets (1”). You also need some hardware cloth, drill bits, an electric drill, ruler or tape measure, staples and staple gun, weather-proof coating, and pliers.

step-by-step guide

Decide on how tall the removable gate will be. Cut out two 1’-long and 4’-long pieces from the wood furring strips, then screw them together. You will get a rectangular frame from doing so. Cut out some hardware cloth from a sheet or roll, then attach it to the frame using staples. Do the same thing on the two 1’-long wood pieces.

Pre-drill the holes, then attach the two 2’ wood dowels to the frame with screws. Now that you have secured the screws, the gate is almost finished. Cut the PVC into two 1’ pieces. Note that this gate can be installed in a bed that already contains soil. However, this is more challenging than installing the gate in an empty bed. Now, fasten the PVC pipes to the bed using plastic conduit brackets, and that is it. You now have a raised garden with a fence.

raised garden with fence kit

You can purchase a pre-assembled garden kit to make everything easier for you. The kit includes pre-assembled fence panels made from treated wood. Boards slide easily into the corner posts, forming a secure frame for the garden bed. So, consider getting a 3’ x 6’ garden bed with a hinged fence.

The cedar garden box makes weeding and gardening so much easier. At 20” high, the bed provides enough oil for growing different plants such as tomatoes, veggies, and flowers. Your back and knees will thank you since you do not need to kneel on the ground to remove weeds. The raised box comes with a 13.5” fence that deters small animals such as rabbits, dogs, and other critters from eating your plants. Here is what you can expect from this kit.

  • Aside from being sturdy, the front fence panels also fold down for easy access to your garden
  • The fencing comes with a wire mesh screen, and its total height is enough to protect your plants from unwanted guests
  • This kit includes illustrated instructions as well
  • Hardware included
  • Free express shipping is also offered to customers

If you are ready to start your gardening journey, consider getting C3 Planters’ commercial-grade metal planters. You can check out their shop for their latest collections. These planters look great in any garden, and the best part is that they are durable, so they offer excellent value for your money.

The corners and posts are already secured, so all you need to do is to choose a site in your garden and fill the planters with soil so that you can start planting. C3 Planters also offers the best deals and support to their customers, so you can reach out to them if you need help with your planters.

Delivery and shipping rates depend on the amount of time required to process your order. Check the site for shipping charges and the latest stock.

how to irrigate raised garden beds

There are several types of irrigation that you can use for your soil-filled beds. For instance, drip irrigation is composed of hoses with holes or emitters that drip out water slowly. You can also water the bed by hand using a nozzle or sprayer.

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