the ultimate guide to DIY raised garden bed plans

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Many people love being able to grow their food, but not everyone has the experience or skills needed to create a raised garden bed. Luckily, with these DIY raised garden bed plans, you can have one of your own.

You must know exactly what you want and what you plan on planting before trying to make your own raised garden beds. If your purpose is to grow vegetables, then your beds will look different than if you were growing flowers or other plants.

Also, consider the amount of time and money you want to spend on this project. To build raised beds gives you the benefit to make them as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. You could even choose not to use wood at all and opt for a more natural look with plants like grapes, which will grow up and around the wooden posts.

With that in mind, let us look at these different raised garden bed plans you can try below.

55 interesting plans you can try making for your DIY raised garden beds

Many people love being able to grow their food, but not everyone has the experience or skills needed to create a raised garden bed. Luckily, with these DIY raised bed garden plans, you can have one of your own.

Here are DIY raised bed garden plans that will help you create the garden of your dreams. Remember, to change the size and depth of your beds, just alter the measurements in these plans.

wooden planter garden beds

People who love gardening may have different requirements when it comes to adding garden beds. They might want these beds to have a modern feel or would want it to match the current style of their backyard or front yard or need to abide by HOA regulations.

Regardless of these possible issues, a wood planter will not go out of style and will easily fit your garden. Since it is a multi-level planter, you have ample space for planting without taking too much area if your garden is small.

delicate framed raised bed

When planning to build a raised bed and you want to grow food for the family, the safest material you can use is untreated wood. Other materials you can use are those labelled as food-grade ones.

As you build raised garden beds it is advisable that you do not use pressure treated wood or pressure treated lumber as treated wood can leech chemicals into your plants. This is highly recommended especially for those wanting to grow plants they will consume.

Though you can still use pressure treated wood if it is easier for you to access, you just have to make sure you use landscape fabric, weed fabric, or hardware cloth before adding in your garden mix potting soil. This will act as a weed barrier and at the same time protect the soil from being contaminated by chemicals.

This project is suitable for beginners in gardening and practicing their skills in basic carpentry. Even kids can get involved in this project.

trellis raised garden box

If you have a smaller yard and want to maximize it by adding garden beds, then this design can be the one for you. This one has two narrow beds and is then connected by a trellis. Using this design is an amazing way for planting larger plants in the garden box like tomatoes or other climbing plants like green beans that are perfect to grow in the trellis.

corrugated metal raised garden bed

DIY projects are fun to do around your home and you can also do this when building raised beds. This design uses wood as the material for its outer frame and corrugated metal is used in the center. The two materials offer contrast and at the same time curb appeal, which is ideal for both new and long-time gardeners.

galvanized raised garden bed with trellises

Another design plan that you can try is these old, galvanized watering troughs. This can enhance the beauty of your boring fence line.

The design has the watering troughs positioned against the fence line. To stabilize climbing plants, you can add trellises to support climbing plants if you feel like planting those.

raised bed greenhouse

Building a raised garden bed that gives you enough space for growing just about anything and acts as a greenhouse is made possible with this design. After you build the garden beds, you can then construct the steel frame. The frame will be used for holding the plastic sides and plastic roofs. The plastic sides can either be pilled back or just left hanging depending on the needed airflow.

pallet raised planter bed

If you have access to pallets or have a lot of them stuck in your backyard and you are planning to build a raised bed, then you have the perfect combination to create this design plan.

This design looks beautiful, completely functional, and will help you make use of the unused pallets in your yard. If you want a raised garden bed that will not cost hundreds of dollars and makes gardening easier, then this design is the one for you.

two tier garden bed

If you want a unique style of raised garden bed then, this two-tier garden is a good option. It highlights a stair-step look and the cool feature about this design is that you can plant on both tiers. This means that you can organize the plants you want to place on the bottom and top tiers.

You can place small plants like flowers on the second tier as these will get enough sunlight and make your garden more attractive.

simple cedar garden boxes

This one will work quite well for those with fenced yards. These boxes will look good when placed against the fence. It is one of the traditional garden beds that anyone would like since it is two boards in height, which is great if you do not want to keep bending down or kneeling when tending to your plants.

In addition, it also provides a clean look, especially with the beautiful cedarwood. It is also known as one of the naturally rot resistant woods you can use for raised beds. This is a great raised garden plan if you want to keep your vegetables and flowers organized and make them an attraction to your yard. It is sure to make your backyard less boring.

no-frills garden bed

Another unique design is this garden bed. If you want to keep your plants looking sharp and organized, then this is a garden bed that you can build easily.

This is a basic square bed that you can put together with basic building instructions. Nothing gets simpler than that for any newbie in raised bed gardening.

If you are not that experienced in carpentry, this is a good entry-level project for your first raised garden bed. It can add an attraction to the yard as well.

raised bed with benches

Another way of enjoying tending to your garden is by adding benches around the raised garden bed. It does not only look good and eye-catching but is also functional. The wood alone is beautiful, but its function is what makes it more interesting to add to your garden.

The garden bed is pretty tall means that you be happier in gardening as there will be less stress on your back as you will not have to keep bending over. The benches can help in holding necessary equipment or just simply an area for sitting while working on your plants.

landscaping timbers raised garden beds

If you are into landscaping timbers, this garden bed plan could be the one for you. Timbers are inexpensive and they also help in organizing your garden. They tend to make a once chaotic and messy corner turn into a simple beauty.

You just have to stack the beautiful timbers together and easily organize your flowers, vegetables, herbs, or any other plants you want to grow in the bed and see how beautiful it will turn out.

DIY garden enclosure

There is no need for you to be confused about this plan. With this one, you will have three raised beds and then a standing spot. All of these are enclosed by putting a net around and including a door.

If you love planting flowers or vegetables, the enclosure on this design will lessen the chance of unwanted visitors disturbing your plants. This is a go-to option if you still want to pursue gardening despite an ongoing pest problem.

larger raised bed garden enclosure

Another garden enclosure design that you can try is this one. This one is gorgeously created to have a safe place for you to grow flowers and any plants you have in mind. It also boasts a touch of rustic charm because of its amazing wood.

It is large enough to grow different varieties of plants in your backyard. If you have plants that pests try to always access, this enclosure will keep them safe and allow them to grow successfully.

fenced garden bed

Have you been noticing annoying predators eating all the vegetables you have been trying to grow for some time now? If your answer is yes, then this garden bed plan is the one for you. This is a viable choice especially if your property is in the middle of the woods.

It is three boards in height and gives you the ease of working in the garden without bending. The bed also has a fence, which will protect your garden bed from unwanted visitors.

raised bed with legs

This garden bed allows you to grow any plant that you want even in a small space. It is best recommended for those living in apartments and has a terrace where they can place this garden bed.

It is also portable, which means you can transfer it indoors in case your plants are getting too much sunlight in their place or too cold in the winter. Since it is not permanent, you can easily transfer it to other places to keep your plants thriving regardless of the season.

raised garden bed planter stand

If you are interested in the raised garden bed idea but lack the space for it, this one is something fresh that you can place in any small area. It will give this small and dull area a touch of something pretty and fresh.

You can place this on your front porch and is a unique way for displaying your flowers without the need to bend over because it is not planted on the ground. This is one way of enjoying vertical gardening and practicing your green thumb even in a limited space.

This can also be an apartment homesteader. It is a fantastic addition that will fit easily on your balcony and grow vegetables and fresh herbs.

elevated garden bed

Do you have a larger backyard but do not like an in-ground garden bed? Then this is a garden bed plan that you should try. Take this as a larger version of the raised garden bed with legs. This will also prevent pests from finding their way into the plants as the legs will keep them away from the ground.

You can adjust the height of the bed and allows you to get the ease of planting, weeding, and harvesting. It is something older gardeners would love since they will not have to bend over all the time.

puppy-proof raised garden beds

Dogs love to dig and if you have a garden, it is a problem that you should deal with to protect your plants from getting damaged. These fur babies would love to dig these areas for them to sunbathe and roll in them.

To deal with this, building these garden beds will help you keep your plants safe and prevent your dogs from digging the plants. Since these are taller, it would be difficult for your dogs, especially puppies, to dig through your plants. However, it may never be the case if your dogs love jumping on top of these so you might want to go for another design plan to keep them out of your garden.

inexpensive raised garden bed

This is a tutorial where you can learn how to create a simple raised bed within a budget. You will get to know how to create one and add a new attraction to your yard while growing any plants. Take this project as a starter if you are working on a limited budget, but still want to start raised bed gardening.

square foot raised garden bed

If uniqueness is what you want for your garden bed, then this one will give you exactly what you want. Unlike other larger gardens, this one will allow you to plant several varieties of plants even in a small space.

You can simply place this up to your alley and witness the beauty of your growing vegetables.  The frame should be laid over the bed and then you need to delegate the plants that will go on every square box.

Each box should measure a foot on each side, thus the name. This gives you the ease of keeping your garden organized. You can decide on what plants go on the front boxes till the last boxes at the back.

striped raised garden beds

Want to give your dull-looking garden beds an oomph factor? This is one way to add a touch of style to your garden. This project is easy to do and will boost the look of your back or front yard. Choose the colours you want to match the style you want.

DIY tiered herb garden

Keeping an herb garden bed is also a terrific addition to your yard. This design is a decorative way of growing herbs without causing an eyesore or using a larger space.

Whether you are planning to put it in the back patio or front porch, the herb garden will give a fresh look wherever you want to place it. Since you can choose where to put it, you can also get the ease of taking care of your herbs.

tire raised garden beds

Maybe you have been thinking of making your raised beds, but you are hesitating because of the possible costs. Well, one of the good things about garden beds is that you can make these beds out of any unique things.

This design lets you create your garden beds using old tractor tires that will cost little or no money at all. If there are unused tractor tires in your yard, simply lay them out and fill them with dirt or your choice of soil mix. You can then plant seeds or seedlings and start your simple garden.

ultimate garden bed

This is a tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know about building garden beds and at the same time growing plants. You will be walked through every essential step you need to know as a new gardener.

The design that you will learn from this tutorial is a basic one. However, the advantage of this tutorial is that you will be shown how to add a protective layer for birds or frost. This will help you give all your crops a chance to survive regardless of the climate.

curved raised garden beds

Are you looking for something that could add a little style to the current design of your raised beds? This can be a good garden bed plan for you.

You can place several beds to create this shape in your yard. The advantage of this neat design is it allows your plants to stay closer, which helps you in taking care of them easier.

elevated herb planter

If you love the idea of herb planters, then this design can be your go-to. They are beautiful and can easily brighten up dull parts of your garden or wherever you want to place them. This design highlights the unique table legs and the elevated bed. Since it is elevated, working on the herbs will be easier and more fun.

planter box

You can call this basic, but its design is undoubtedly gorgeous. The planter box in this design is placed against the fence and it has a good height to make working on your plants easier.

What you need to do is to build the basic structure, fill it with garden soil and start planting seeds or seedlings. It is sure to add fanciness and style to your backyard.

raised garden bed with benches

These garden beds will make your yard a more comfortable place to hang out because of the extra sitting space it offers. You can plant gorgeous varieties of flowers in the beds and once they bloom, you will love sitting here and adoring the plants.

In addition to this, the benches will also help you once you need to harvest or weed as you will have some space to sit down while working. This can make raised bed gardening more enjoyable for you and other members of the family.

pallet raised planters

Now, that you already know that you can build raised beds out of available materials in your yard, why not try using pallets? You see, pallets are inexpensive, but they are sturdy. Also, you can easily access them anywhere.

The design for this planter is a bit higher off the ground that will make working on the garden easier. It also adds a rustic look that gives your yard an extra charm.

cement block garden beds

Cement block raised beds are affordable and easy to assemble. All you need to do is to place the garden beds in your desired location then fill them up with soil. These raised beds also look great, so they are an excellent addition to any garden.

sleeper garden bed

This DIY project uses recycled sleepers or railroad ties as a frame for garden beds. The best thing about using this material is that it is functional and sturdy. So, if you are looking for a quick and easy DIY project, you should try this one.

mini elevated raised garden bed

Did you know that you can make a full garden using mini raised beds? These are a bunch of raised beds that are placed together so that you can have a garden above the ground. The best part about having this kind of garden is that you do not have to deal with weeds often.

elevated raised garden bed

Do you have a small garden in your backyard? Why don’t you make a small elevated raised garden bed and plant herbs in it? The best thing about raised beds is that they are easy to build and easy to use. If you have a large garden, you already know how convenient it is to use raised beds. 

dresser herb garden

You can recycle items that you are no longer using to save money and avoid wasting your resources. If you are looking for a way to reuse your old dresser drawers, why don’t you make an herb garden with this material?

All you need to do is put some dirt in your dresser drawers then plant herbs in them. Herb gardens made from dresser drawers look neat and unique, making them a fantastic addition to your lawn.

recycle masonry herb garden

You can recycle old masonry parts to create an elevated herb garden bed. All you need to do is to fill the beds with soil and then plant your favourite herbs. A recycled masonry herb garden is a unique work of art that will surely start up a conversation for everyone visiting your garden. 

the adjustable planter beds

Some prefabricated kits for garden beds are not adjustable and cannot fit in a specific area. That is where an adjustable planter bed comes in. The plan is comprehensive and detailed, making it easier for you to deal with this project as you start gardening.

2×2 planter

The 2×2 planter is perfect for those who live in a duplex or apartment and do not have space for a larger planter. It is a petite elevated garden bed that is suitable for small spaces. You can also make a couple of 2×2 planters to grow different vegetables and fruits at home. This tutorial will help you create one.

natural wood garden bed

Perhaps your last project was to clear some land and now, you do not know how to deal with all the limbs and twigs left over. You do not have to throw them away or burn them. You can make a planting box using those extra limbs and twigs.

Aside from being unique, this project costs almost nothing. Thus, it is a great DIY project for those who want to revamp their gardens without spending a dime.

u-shaped raised garden bed

U-shaped raised garden beds make it easier to care for your plants. Thanks to the bed’s U-shape, you can easily access your plants or herbs on all sides. Thus, u-shaped raised garden beds are better than their larger square counterparts.

planter boxes out of wine boxes

Do you have a lot of wine boxes and want to recycle them instead of just throwing them out? Well, transform them into planter boxes just like the design plan above.

The wicking system in these planters allows your plants to drink from the roots. This means that there will be less work for you, and this gives you a new idea of upcycling trash.

water troughs raised garden beds

If you do not have the skills in carpentry but love making use of unique items laying around your home, then this design will give you an idea for your next gardening project.

In these cases, you need to learn how to make use of everyday items around your home and repurpose them. This is what makes this design a perfect project to try. It has a suitable size for your planting needs and is easy to construct.

L-shaped two-tier garden box

This design will surely make a statement wherever you place this in your yard. The unique L-shape is great for any corner in your yard. This is also two-tiered so you can maximize the space to grow more plants.

trendy and tiered raised bed

Among the beautiful designs that you can try is this design with two-tiered garden boxes and also a trellis on the backboard for any climbing plants you wish.

You can plant herbs like basil, mint, or others you use often in cooking on the bottom tier and plants like green beans and tomatoes on the top tier.

high garden planter

If one of the reasons why you are not pursuing your interest in gardening is the difficulty in working on the garden like pulling weeds, then this design is the ideal option for you.

It is high enough to save you from all the difficulty in bending over just to tend to it. This leaves you with fewer reasons for weeds to ruin your growing garden space.

raised garden bed suitable for kids

While still young, you might want to let your kids know the benefits of growing their food and help them start their mini raised beds. If you are already into gardening, you might be noticing their interest in what you are doing, and it is the best time for you to introduce them to this.

Give them the freedom to choose the vegetables, flowers, and herbs that they would like to grow in their raised beds. As you teach them and let them work on their garden, you will surely feel happy watching them celebrate harvesting their first batch of crops.

decorative raised planters

One of the best things about this planter is that it is aesthetically pleasing and large enough for growing different plants. So, if you need a planter that will look great in your garden without taking up a lot of space, you should try this project. 

concrete vegetable garden

Suppose your area has strict HOA guidelines. In that case, you can build concrete garden beds so that you can grow plants without drawing a lot of attention. You can grow some vegetables and shrubs in these beds. The best part is that if you reside in a place with many sidewalks, these concrete garden beds will easily blend in.

reclaimed wood garden beds

If you have leftover wood from your previous projects, do not throw them away. You can use these materials to make an elevated garden bed that has a rustic charm to it.

keyhole garden

A keyhole garden will not only improve your lawn’s curb appeal but also allow you to grow vegetables or other plants at home. Keyhole gardens consist of many layers to provide plants with nourishment while growing.

$10 cedar raised beds

Perhaps you want to revamp your garden, but you are on a tight budget. Do not worry because these garden beds are very affordable and easy to make. Plus, you can make these beds even if you are not an expert builder.

the subdivided raised bed

If you want to keep your garden organized, consider building a subdivided raised bed. It has four sections, so you can grow different plants simultaneously without taking up a lot of space in your garden.

And since it includes a trellis, you can grow plants with vines neatly as well. The vines will grow upward, so they will not use a lot of space in your garden bed.

4×4 raised bed

A 4×4 raised garden bed is a good starting point for growing some plants in your backyard. It is a medium-sized garden bed that looks good in any garden. Plus, the garden is easy to build and does not require a lot of space. This tutorial will teach how to build a design like this.

the straw raised bed

Raised beds made from strawbales are becoming increasingly popular. Aside from being easy to build, these garden beds are also easy to disassemble when the growing season ends. The best part is that you are free to choose what garden bed shape or size to make. 

self-watering veggie table

Perhaps you want to grow some vegetables, but you have limited space in your garden. You do not have to worry because this self-watering veggie table is all you need.

It has tub inserts that automatically water the plants, so you do not need to remind yourself from time to time to water the vegetables. This veggie table is minimal maintenance and compact, making it an excellent option for growing vegetables at home.

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