corner raised garden bed

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Do the corners of your garden look bare and want to make use of the space for gardening? Then it is about time that you search for ideas when building corner raised garden beds. Like many other things in life, not all corner raised garden beds are made equal.

Many people have used scrap wood to construct their unique corner raised garden beds. Others have opted for buying premade ones that come in different sizes and shapes. For example, there are square corner elevated garden bed kits that you can buy from many companies nowadays.

You can also use corner raised garden beds as a decorative element for your backyard and front yard. They would look great with flowers on top of them and some people have artistic skills which allow them to paint the wood into various shapes which will make their corner raised garden bed stand out from the rest.

These corner elevated garden beds are best used as decoration because they would not provide enough space for growing vegetables and other things. However, you can combine both corner garden beds and traditional ones to make your landscaping or gardening look great.

corner raised bed ideas

There are several ideas that you can use as you create your corner raised garden beds. Some of the interesting ideas that you should give a try are the following:

tiered corner garden

This DIY tiered corner garden is perfect for those wanting to maximize their garden corners by planting herbs and other plants. It is designed with a small footprint and can fit even if your garden has limited space. You can create several tiers and plant a variety of vegetables or flowers of your choice in each tier.

vertical garden pyramid

With the ease of maintenance, it is not surprising why vertical gardening is getting more popular with newbies and long-time gardeners.

Harvesting in this type of garden bed is hassle-free and often creates healthier yields. There are different vertical gardens that you can try and one of these is this garden pyramid idea.

You can place this on the corner of your garden and adjust the height according to your fence. If you want to try this, you should practice on scrap wood first, so you do not waste your supplies for the final raised bed.

corner wooden planter

An easy way to make use of your garden’s corner is by adding this garden bed with three separate sections. This is sure to brighten that sad corner in your backyard.

You can create this one on your own or you can search for a shop where you can purchase one or two sets of this so you can cover the corners in your garden. A wooden planter is perfect for growing vegetables and other plants even if your yard is short of space.

These wooden planters can fit in any corner and depending on what you want or need. In making this planter, you can choose to use pressure-treated lumber so you can have it stained and will not rot easily. Just purchase a fabric lining to keep chemicals from leaching into the soil and contaminating your plants.

Another option is getting a hard type of wood like western red cedar, or you can use recycled lumber for the bed and use a fabric lining before you fill it with soil. Using recycled wood will also save your money as you try raised bed gardening. Your wooden planter can be adapted to fit any corner, depending on your needs. And, as it’s made of pressure-treated timber it can be stained in any colour and won’t rot.

Just make sure that you created drainage holes to prevent plants from becoming waterlogged. If you are planning to position your planter under the full sun, you should place a layer of old compost bag to ensure that the compost is always moist and lessen regular watering.

concrete raised garden bed

Another way of making use of the bare corner in your garden is by building a concrete raised garden bed. Build a wonderful concrete garden bed with a corner and curve. You can adjust the shape so it can conveniently fit the available space in the garden.

This can transform the dull corner in your garden and make an attractive feature after a couple of weeks of working on this project. After this, you will soon enjoy the benefits of tending to your garden without worries about back or knee pain.

You can use breeze blocks to make the structure last longer. But if you want something simpler, you can make the raised bed using wooden sleepers, scaffold boards, or corrugated plastic or metal.

corner flower bed

This idea allows you to tuck a flower bed in the corner just along the wall and add a bench. You can turn this into a receiving area where your guests can sit during their visit and enjoy the greenery in your garden.

large u-shaped raised bed

If you have a massive space in your yard that you want to fill in with a garden that will require less work and less bending over or kneeling, then you should build a large u-shaped raised bed. This will require some money and lots of soil to fill it.

This type of bed is great for those who are planning to take raised gardening seriously and would like to grow their food. You can go for untreated pine in building this one or opt for cedar to make it more beautiful as time passes by.

front yard raised bed garden

By choosing the right design, you can make use of a raised bed as a decorative element in your front yard.

Just like this idea, the wall organizes and disguises the bed garden. An added center bed garden is built that is narrow enough to give you space to move around. You can add trellises for the vegetables and use the vertical space for climbing plants.

brick raised flower bed

Another idea that can turn into an attraction in your garden is by building a garden bed made of bricks. You can build several layers to enhance the look on the corner of your garden.

cinder block garden beds

Cinder blocks are both budget-friendly and simple to arrange for your garden corner. You can use it as the frame of your raised bed and fill the holes with soil for growing small plants or stack them up to arrange whimsical nooks for flowers or even herbs.

ladder placement for planters

If you have an old ladder and a bare corner in your garden, you just need to get some planters or containers where you can plant and use the ladder as a plant stand.

You can add a couple of climbing plants around the ladder so the ladder can also act as a trellis, which will make the corner more attractive. This idea is not only cute by also environment-friendly since you are recycling.

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