Walmart raised garden bed review

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If you want to save some money when building your raised garden bed, Walmart is a suitable place to find diverse options both sold in-store and sold online. This allows you to stretch your budget and spend the extra cash on plants or add another raised bed for growing vegetables.

You can add so much quality and value to your home by adding raised beds to your garden. You can even place a few raised beds together to make one huge growing area. Just like in ground gardens, you can also make them look more elegant or rustic depending on your taste and the surrounding landscape. The main advantage of raised garden beds is that it requires less work.

top rated raised garden beds from Walmart

The best thing about building raised bed garden is that you can build it at any size, according to your needs and preference. There are many decent quality garden beds raised which you can use. Here are the top-rated raised garden beds that you can choose from and what people who bought them think about each product.

mezza 4×4 keyhole garden

This raised garden bed highlights the timelessness of wood while incorporating a modern minimalist design. It is made from sustainably sourced FSC cedar and has a unique design in the middle that uses the African keyhole gardening indigenous system. This gives you a space where you can put compost household waste and at the same time enhance the soil in the raised garden bed.

what people think about it

People who bought this set from Walmart love the ease of putting it all together. It arrived in their homes without any damage. Once buyer suggested that the garden box must be opened and assembled on the space in your backyard where you plan to put it since it is challenging to move once assembled. You just need to put a lining inside and add layers of contents including soil and start planting flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

square raised garden bed flower vegetables seeds planter kit elevated box

With a 24” x 24” measurement, it is designed to provide enough space to place any plant and let them grow proficiently. It is made with a 1” wood that is built to last year-round. The small frame makes the raised garden bed easy to fit in your lawn, garden, patio, or anywhere in your backyard.

It has a solid fir wood construction that is durable enough to last through different seasons. The 10-inch-high walls provide enough room for plant roots to breathe and give proper drainage to growing plants.

what people think about it

People who bought it find it a bit expensive, but they love how it suited their needs and that it looks nice. The raised garden bed was also easy to assemble and was functional and attractive despite its small size. One thing they would have wanted for it was choices for the size.

mezza keyhole garden

Another top-rated raised garden bed from Walmart is this one that is made from 100% FSC certified cedar lumber and applies the African keyhole technique as well. Unlike other keyhole garden boxes, this one provides a bigger space for planting as it measures 60” in length, 36” in width, and 22” in height. It is taller than other planter boxes you can put in your backyard, which is good for planting root crops.

what people think about it

They were surprised by how they assembled the raised garden bed easily. The wood planks were thin, but the entire structure seemed sturdy once everything was assembled and the smell of the cedar was amazing. They get to modify the materials that they will put on the bottom of the bed.

topbuy 3 tier wooden raised garden bed planting box

Walmart also sells this raised bed that has 3 tiers and will make your raised bed gardening more fun. You can grow different plants in every tier. It is made from spruce and camphor pine wood that is odour and paint-free and will last for a longer time.

The 3-tier can make the limited space in your patio or backyard more beautiful as you can plant flowers, vegetables, or any other plants that newbies and long-time gardeners love growing.

what people think about it

Though it was a 3-tier design, the buyer who got this raised garden bed mentioned that it was easy to put together using his electric screwdriver. It also allowed them to modify the bed the way they wanted to.

costway square wood flower planter box

A planter box made of solid wood ensures durability and has a folding design with a removable base. This allows you to carry it anywhere, assemble it, and fill it with your soil mix before planting flowers, vegetables, or herbs.

The base has a hold in the middle for water leakage. If you prefer using it indoors, you can purchase a water catch-tray separately. It has four legs that will ensure moisture resistance since the base will not stick to the ground.

what people think about it

People who bought this love the quality of the product. They also love the look and size of the planter boxes.

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