patio raised garden bed

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If you are dreaming of having homegrown flowers, vegetables, and herbs, but only have your patio as a free space, then you should search for patio raised bed garden inspirations. Raised garden beds allow you to plant and grow any crops whether you have a good-sized yard or have a limited area like your patio.

Your balcony or patio may be the sunniest spot in your home and you can make the most of it by planting flowers or vegetables. Well, it may seem impossible, but you can still plant and grow anything by building a raised garden bed on concrete or any hard surfaces.

inspirations for your patio raised garden beds

Both beginner and long-time gardeners are interested in raised bed gardening. It does not limit you in planting and growing your food in a spacious backyard but help you do it even in a limited space. Below are some ideas that you can try as you start your raised garden bed activities:

metal raised garden bed

Metal raised beds are considered durable and attractive at the same time. You can choose to get a kit from the store and assemble it with the help of another person or recycle corrugated metal sheets or old steel tubs.

This is one of the materials that you can easily customize and match any visual style without the need to spend on more expensive options from the store. You just need to line it with your choice of material that will provide better drainage and then add the soil mix of your choice and start planting seeds or seedlings.

mobile planter raised bed

Mobile planter raised beds will give you the ease to move around your patio or backyard. You can find one that has a shelf underneath the raised bed that will help keep your gardening tools and watering cans within reach. This is usually made of wood, so it can easily match your home.

elevated raised garden bed

One of the best choices that you can have for your patio plants is an elevated raised garden bed. This is usually a couple of inches above the ground. The height is just about right without the need to kneel or bend over. It also provides a better draining system that is great for growing any plant even past its growing season.

tier design raised garden bed

Another one you can try is a tiered design raised garden bed and can be made from sturdy wood that will allow you to plant and grow herbs, flowers, and veggies. You can plant one tier with flowers, another with veggies, and the rest with any herb of your choice.

elevated raised garden bed with trellis

If you are looking forward to growing climbing plants, then this type is an ideal option for you. You can fill the front area with other plants and then the rest will be for the climbing plants. Eventually, the vines you plant can add to the beauty of your patio.

elevated raised garden beds with shelf

An alternative for the mobile planter with a shelf is this one. You can place this anywhere on your patio and have a ready to use shelf where you can store your garden tools and other items you need for gardening. This can also be placed in your backyard as an additional container where you can plant more veggies.

pot planters

If raised garden beds are too big for your patio, you should get a couple of patio planters that will allow you to cultivate edibles like tomatoes even in small spaces. These containers usually have slatted bottoms that help in improving soil aeration.

There are different sizes of pots that you can choose from. Once you have set the areas where you want to place the planters, you can start filling them up with soil, add any organic matter to enrich the soil, and then start planting. You can plant a different vegetable on each planter and be able to grow different veggies in every planter.

vertical raised garden beds

Another option for your raised garden bed in your patio is this vertical one. You can have at least 3 boxes placed vertically in a stand. One box can be used for any herb you use often, another box for veggies, and the top box for flowers.

This can maximize the space on your patio and leave more room for raised garden beds if you want to add more. It provides a cascading drainage system to keep the soil moist, and a slight angle adjustment can help in giving your vegetation the sunlight they need.

choosing your patio raised garden beds

With all the options above, it is recommended that you choose the one that will meet your budget and requirements for the area you have on your patio or even in your backyard.

Aside from checking the price, you need to make sure that the one you will choose will give you the convenience of growing any crop you want and ensure that it will grow healthy for you and your family’s consumption.

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