modern raised garden bed

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Raised garden beds are great to get your green thumb into gardening. They are relatively easy to build and maintain, making them the perfect choice for DIYers that do not want to spend too much time working in their gardens. Most parts can be bought at any local hardware store for a reasonable price.

There are many diverse types of the raised bed to choose from. If you need something simple and cheap, yet very efficient in space usage, building one yourself will be a viable choice.

modern raised vegetable garden beds

Below is a selection of raised bed ideas that will blow your mind. Check out these impressive designs and choose the one that suits your taste and needs.

contemporary full sun backyard concrete paver raised garden bed

This raised bed idea will let the naturalistic and modern plantings blur the strains of formality and rigidity of this contemporary garden. At the same time, the shape of landscaping will hold the structure collectively year-round.

You can try this style of the raised garden bed and incorporate ornamental plants, flowers, or even vegetables or herbs. Simply choose the tree that you would like to use in the middle of the bed to create the same look in the picture inspiration.

large contemporary backyard gravel raised garden bed

This idea highlights contemporary gravel backyard landscaping with a large gravel garden bed. If your backyard has more gravel and seemed like it is impossible to grow crops or plants, you can create this idea of building a raised garden bed on top of the travel.

All you need to do is to modify the bed according to the size and height suitable for your garden. Then place a lining inside and fill it with compost and soil. You get to decide whether you are going to plant vegetables, flowers, or other plants that will enhance the look of your backyard.

raised bed vegetable garden with aluminum trellises

If your backyard gets enough amount of sun, this is a raised garden bed idea that you should try. You can place several raised beds around or near the fence and install a trellis.

Make the most out of the area by adding several garden beds in the middle and near the fence to give the trellis enough support to keep the climbing plants supported. Include this idea if you think that this idea best suits your garden.

stone veneer planter boxes

If you have a sloped property, you can enhance your backyard spaces by adding these plant boxes. This will make all areas useful especially those that were left unused. You can create several levels of these plant boxes and increase the interest in your yard as the eye travels on the different plants from one tier to another.

terraced Bellevue garden

Another garden bed idea that you can do for a sloped yard is this one. These garden beds will receive ample amounts of sunlight that will improve food production.

You can build the raised garden beds directly on the slope to have more room to create a vegetable garden or mix up plenty of other plants to turn an unusable space into a beautiful and productive veggie garden. Plant a mixture of tomatoes, squash, herbs like basil, or fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and other native edibles of your choice.

custom-fabricated curved steel garden beds

If you have an oversized yard and want to maximize its use, there are different Mediterranean and modern inspired plantings and features that you can incorporate.

A custom fabricated raised bed with a fire pit in the middle can be a good addition. Add in smooth concrete planters as well as seat-wall western red cedar wood hot tub enclosure and multi-coloured bluestone pavers.

The wide space in your yard is sure to turn into a massive garden space that highlights diverse and colourful variations of plants that may include ornamental grasses, herbaceous perennials, and evergreen plants.

narrow raised beds against an unsightly fence

Is your home a corner lot and do you have an unsightly fence on your home’s façade? You can improve it by adding concrete narrow garden beds and turning the unsightly fence into trellises for your garden beds.

The entire landscape may need to be renovated to match the character of your home. Depending on some factors, you might end up deciding on getting a full renovation or just settle with re-designing.

You can get the raised garden beds constructed on the front yard that will feature custom steel and cedar wood fencing with trellises and gates. This guarantees that the trellises and fences will not rot easily. Have the fencing surrounded on the sides with lush vegetation to enhance the beauty of your home’s façade as the plants continue growing.

custom cedar raised beds on a vast yard

If you have a vast yard, you do not have to use the extensive space for planting a big garden. You can create several garden beds for a variety of fruits and vegetables.

As the base of the garden bed, you can put gravel on all the beds to get better drainage systems. The benefit of getting several beds for your vegetable garden is that you will have easy access to all the plants. The sides can be even custom-made so you can sit on them while you are tending to your own garden.

This type of veggie garden is less messy and easy to organize. Creating a vegetable garden like this also means that you will not have to toil over the harvest or weeding.

When filling them with your choice of soil mix make sure to include compost in the layer to make the beds perfect for growing healthy crops. Building raised vegetable garden beds means that they will not touch the ground and prevent weeds from growing and affecting your plants.

Do not forget to mix different plants that will benefit from each other in every bed. All plants will get ample amount of sun and guarantee that they will grow healthy even past their growing season.

raised garden rack

This raised bed idea is usually utilized in industrial farming. Using racks helps in giving all plants proper water supply as well as sun distribution. Unlike in-ground garden beds, these are taller and make gardening easier.

The containers or planters placed in the racks are deep enough to keep an aerated soil that is perfect for growing any vegetables, flowers, and herbs. These are also considered a space-saving solution in case you still want to build a vegetable garden even with limited space.

You can place the racks near walls or just outside your kitchen windows to reach any herbs that you will need when cooking. If you want to install it on your walls, you can drill some holes and attach them to your walls to secure them and prevent them from falling off.

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