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Gardening can be messy and will require you to bring tools around when tending to your plants and crops. This is when a gardening apron comes in handy. If you are a garden enthusiast trying to look for the best gardening aprons, then we have gathered some of the best gardening aprons that will suit your needs. But first, let us help you know the things you must consider looking for in a gardening apron.

why do you need to find the best gardening apron?

A gardening apron is one of the most useful things you should not forget getting if you tend to spend a lot of time in the garden. It protects your clothing from plant stains, dirt, and fertilizers. This is also a safer way to carry tools like hand forks, pruning shears, and spades. It also helps you carry cuttings, seeds, and freshly harvested vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

different types of gardening aprons to choose from

There are two types of garden aprons that you can choose from. Both come with their pros and cons, so take time to compare and choose the one that meets your needs.

full gardening aprons or bib aprons

A full apron or bib apron provides a full front cover that protects you from dirt, spills, and mud. This style is an effective clothes protector as it acts as a good barrier against all elements when you are gardening in both the cold and warm seasons.

However, because these garden aprons cover more of the body, it can be hotter when working during warm weather. The neck straps differ in every design and maybe adjustable or not. You may become uncomfortable because of the straps.

half gardening aprons

This is also called a waist or belt apron and is a neat alternative to the other type. These gardening aprons usually have many deep pockets in different sizes that let you retrieve all your tools and other gardening essentials. It is also suitable when gardening during warmer weather to keep you cool.

Unlike other aprons, this one does not provide much protection to keep your clothes clean. This will leave you more susceptible to dirt, mud, and even hurting yourself accidentally with the sharp tools you carry in your pockets.

what you should look for in a gardening apron

Aside from wanting to look stylish while doing tasks in your gardening, there are important factors that you should consider thinking about to find the best gardening apron. You must choose a fully functional gardening apron. To do this, the following are some of the factors that will help you get the right one.


The material for your gardening must be strong and long-lasting. Look for aprons that are made from strong materials like waxed canvas, thick cotton, leather, or denim. These can cope with sharp tools and dirt. You should choose a material that can carry the weight of all the tools as well as plants.


The construction and quality of the gardening aprons must be hardwearing, well-made, and strong.


Your garden apron must have enough pockets to keep your tools organized and keep everything you need easily accessible. Pick an apron that has deep pockets to conveniently hold your phone, gloves, seeds, and other tools. The deeper the pockets mean you can also put harvested vegetables and fruits without worrying about them falling out as you work.


You must check the ties, straps, and belts. These features should be easily adjustable so that it fits you comfortably. This is an important factor to check for women and smaller men.


Styles for gardening aprons come in two options as mentioned above. But when it comes to the designs, there is a wide range of designs that you can choose from, and some can be personalized.

best gardening aprons that can meet your needs

Below are some of the garden apron options that you can consider getting for your needs. Check every option and maybe you can find your new favorite gardening apron that you can use when tending, planting or harvesting in your garden.

roo gardening apron

Roo gardening apron is popular among different options mainly because of its versatility. It provides protection and acts as a holder when you are gardening. This is also designed with a unique easy release pouch that will make unloading fresh harvest or weeds and cuttings quick.

The apron is made from heavy-duty canvas cotton, water resistant pouch, and is machine washable.  This is lined with water resistant nylon It comes in a variety of colors like leaf green, peony pink, and orchid purple. This can turn into your favorite apron if you like something fresh to the eyes, unlike regular green ones.

It has excellent reviews and is considered among the best suited for harvesting. This apron also has other pockets for phones and more tools.

The only complaint about this one is that the straps are made of lightweight cotton webbing. They tend to fold when being pulled through the buckles. Regardless, many still love it.

the biggest complaint is that the straps are lightweight cotton webbing. They can get folded over when you’re pulling them through the buckles, which is frustrating. Even so, this is my favorite garden apron.

roo garden apron – the joey

This is designed to be a harvesting apron for vegetables and fruits. This apron is made with soft, lightweight, and durable fabric. It has a water resistant nylon lining that makes it waterproof but is still machine washable. It comes in various colors.

Aside from the harvesting pocket, it also has two other pockets. Its harvesting pocket is best for small harvests because the hooks holding the release may collapse once you put too much weight on your harvests. The smaller pockets that are meant for tools are not deep enough so tools may easily fall out.

sydandco personalised plant lady gardening apron

This apron can be the perfect gift for any plant lady you know. It can be personalized with the image of the receiver or your image if you want a personalized apron. This is a jean-style apron with a big jean style pocket and a big-zipped pocket. It can be used to carry seeds, phones, gardening notepads, and gardening tools.

To have it personalized, you just need to check the options and choose the one you like. You also get to choose the wording in the apron if you want.

It is made from heavy cotton canvas with curved bottom edges and has an adjustable strap for the waistband with an antique brass carabiner closure as well as a D-ring.

mydays canvas gardening apron

If you want something cute to wear when gardening, then this one might get your attention. This garden apron has a durable fabric that can stand up against regular wear and tear. It is designed with 14 pockets in varying sizes so you can find a perfect spot for all your gardening tools.

The straps attaching the apron to your body are comfortable and ergonomic. Its shoulder straps will not rub your neck when worn and are designed to be one size fits all. This can fit anyone with up to a 55-inch waist.

readywares gardening tools apron

Readywares Gardening Tools Apron is made of waxed canvas material, this one is a very sturdy option that can last for a year. Its straps are made from a blend of polyester and cotton. This means that they will be comfortable when worn especially with its padding. Aside from this, you can adjust the straps according to your body type. It is advisable that you still get a size that is close to yours so it can fit well.

It has a total of 12 pockets and can be used for any storage purposes. This also has two hammer loops for storing larger gear that you might need when gardening. The pockets are deep enough to place larger tools without causing problems.

thecelticfarm garden/florist apron – cross back, waxed canvas with pockets

This garden apron helps relieve neck strain since it has cross-back straps. It can be a harvest smock without causing neck strain on your part.

The apron is made of soft and cool waxed cotton canvas with leather accents. It has a phone pocket and enough space on the pocket for gloves and tools. This allows you to go hands free because it can carry almost anything you need when you are gardening. You can get this for yourself or a gift for a gardener you know.

Its heavy grade apron canvas prevents your clothes from getting soiled. All the pockets and seams are double stitched to ensure longevity. It comes in different colors like mocha, green-grey, and dark grey.

wilshiregoodsshop harvest apron

This is another gardening apron made of lightweight but highly durable cotton material. The waist ties are adjustable to make them fit your body shape. It has a front functional large pocket that is perfect for gathering eggs, fruits, and vegetables. This is also designed with a drawstring pocket that you can easily tie up and hold a large yield of your harvest.

parva garden gardening apron

This garden apron is made of 100% cotton twill that is hardwearing but is lightweight and soft. Unlike other garden aprons, this one is not waterproof but is water repellent. So, it can still give ample protection than a regular cooking apron.

One of the interesting features of this apron is that it comes with many pockets. It has a phone pocket at the top with a special closure, making sure that it will not fall out.

This one is not a waxed canvas apron, so this is safe for machine wash and dryer safe. It may be a disadvantage, but you get the ease of washing off the stains.

Unlike the aprons above, this one is designed to fit most women. You must check the sizes so the one you get will fit you comfortably. Also, it is not designed with reinforced pockets, so it is not safe to place sharp garden tools inside. You can tie this only at the back.

Deciding Which Gardening Apron to Get

With all the advantages and disadvantages mentioned in each product, you will get an idea of which one to choose for your gardening apron. Make sure that you check the sizes as there are ones that might not fit your body type. Consider the factors mentioned above in choosing the apron that you will purchase to get the one that will fit your needs when gardening.

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