concrete block raised garden bed design inspirations that you can try

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Planning to build a raised garden is interesting especially when you use concrete blocks. Using concrete or cinder blocks in bed gardening allows you to be more creative to make your garden look more attractive while being productive. 

This DIY garden is more fun to do whether you are planning to make raised flower gardens or raised garden vegetable crops. As long as your garden bed design has a proper irrigation system and you can tend to it, your garden’s productivity won’t be compromised by the design you choose. 

raised bed garden design with concrete blocks 

There are a lot of design inspirations that you can try for your concrete block raised vegetable garden. It’s either you design your block raised garden bed by arranging the blocks or be creative in placing your plants not only inside the bed but also on the holes of each block. Just take a look at the following: 

This cinder block raised garden bed idea from gives you the benefit of being creative not only inside the bed but also around its frame. There’s a lot of plants that can fit inside the bed and you can use the holes on the frame as extra planters.  

Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest Inspiration

With this idea from, the bed was strategically arranged from small growers to bigger ones. This makes the bed look neat and organized. Also, this will benefit all the plants since there is no chance of overcrowding. Just like the idea above, the holes were used as spaces for growing more plants. 

Turn your simple raised garden into a greenhouse by adding hoops, drip irrigation, and a plastic protector on your cement blocks. This design idea from allows you to have a mini greenhouse in your garden for specific plants. 

Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest Inspiration

If you have enough space in your backyard, you can combine open raised beds and a greenhouse built over a concrete block raised bed for delicate plants. All it takes is for you to make the most out of the space you have and know which plants will go in the greenhouse.  

Who says one garden bed is only suitable for vegetables? This idea from combines vegetables and a selection of flowers. For people who have limited space but want to grow both vegetables and flowers, this design can work for you. It has all the small growers, bushy, and climbers inside the bed and flowers are planted around the frames. 

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concrete block raised garden bed ideas 

Aside from plain rectangular raised bed garden design ideas, there are also other designs that you can try and will benefit plants needing deeper roots along with those that don’t. Some of these design ideas are: 

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If you’re into mixing root crops with small to medium growers, the idea above from is one of the interesting ideas you should try for your raised bed gardens. This design allows you to grow various plants and still use the holes as planters. You can plant root crops in the middle bed and small growers on the lower beds. 

Pinterest Inspiration

Among the not so typical raised garden ideas that you can also try is this one from You can plant a variety of crops here and separate the flowerbeds from the vegetables. It has enough space on the pathways that makes all sides accessible when you tend to your garden. If you will try to make the same design above, you’ll need a bigger space to accommodate all separate beds and the design. 

This one from is among the alternative backyard ideas that you can try with your cinder blocks. You don’t have to go with the typical design of a bed if you’re planning to create several planters.  

This design has both vegetables and flowers on the block holes, which makes it more attractive. In this setup, every plant is easy to reach and is given enough space to grow. You can then transplant the vegetables to the bed once they develop well. 

Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest Inspiration

Another alternative stairway design inspiration is this one from Aside from the usual stairway design, you can add just one block on the side for small growers. This design inspiration was used for planting succulents and highlights all plants. You just have to be creative on the placements of the plants in the entire design. 

In addition to growing your plants in the most convenient and cost-efficient way, you can turn concrete blocks into additional decors outdoors. 

decorative concrete block raised garden bed 

You don’t have to spend on expensive ornaments to add a garden décor in your backyard. You can add a little colour to your cinder blocks and still grow the plants you want. The following are just samples you can try: 

When it comes to concrete block raised bed garden planning, you can always add a touch of your creativity by adding colours and designs to your blocks. Take, for example, this design inspiration from It’s a great idea for your planters.  

Add in your choice of stencil design and paint colour to make your planters more attractive. You can choose from a wide variety of stencil designs from sites like Choose from whichever design or style that you like.

Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest Inspiration

If you have extra space and extra cinder blocks after you build raised beds, you can use the blocks as decorative planters for small plants like succulents or herbs. This design from has simple stencil designs but each design is painted with colours to brighten up this outdoor area. You’ll just have to mix and match colours to make these corners suit your taste. 

Create a corner of beautifully arranged concrete block flower planters and get inspired by this design from You can find similar designs for stencils here. With the design ideas above, you can incorporate various stencil designs but in different shades of blue.  

Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest Inspiration

A similar version of the design idea above is this one from This design has a beautiful combination of pinks and lavender colours and some plain blank blocks to still keep the look subtle. The choice of stencils in this is a combination of large and small designs that all complimented each other. 

Make your raised vegetable gardens more creative and interesting to look at by adding pieces of tiles on the sides of the concrete blocks. This design idea from used mosaic patterned tiles. You can also do this from scratch by putting together pieces of tiles and just create a design that you like. 

With this design, the holes from the blocks were used as planters while there is ample space for planting other vegetables. There are poles installed in the bed, which seems like climbing crops were planted here. 

Pinterest Inspiration

deciding on your concrete or cinder block raised garden bed design 

It all depends on how you want your bed to look like. You just have to explore more ideas to finalize on the design that you’d love to see in your garden.  

Your garden doesn’t have to look plain and boring. All it takes is some creativity and you’ll make your garden not only productive but also beautiful to look at. 

Make the most out of your creativity and make your garden brighter not only because of your healthy crops but also because of its overall design. Happy gardening! 

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