unique raised garden beds

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Raised beds allow you to grow plants in a soil that is higher than the ground. Aside from the usual garden boxes, you can always incorporate unique raised garden beds that will make your garden more interesting.

When creating your DIY garden, you get the chance of choosing the garden design that you want. You decide the look you want for your garden planter and be creative in making your garden more attractive and livelier.

unique raised garden bed ideas that you can consider trying

There are various unique garden designs with raised beds that you can consider trying. All it takes is for you to pick which ones are suitable for the garden that you want to build and start building it on your own.

Below are some interesting raised garden bed plans and ideas that you can try:

herb spiral

Among the interesting DIY projects you can make in your garden are herb spirals. These are not only interesting to look at but can also hold several types of herbs at once, which makes it perfect for your herb garden.

geometrical-shaped raised beds

If you have a lot of space to use for gardening, you can consider geometrical shapes as you build raised beds. Growing vegetables in these beds still look organized and neat as you can see in the photos above.

tier garden beds

Tier garden beds are also beautiful additions to your garden. Low levels are for small growing plants while the higher levels are for the tall-growing plants.

Metal Raised Beds

Another popular option chosen by many when it comes to building a raised garden is the use of metal sheets, corrugated metal, or galvanized metals. Metal raised beds are popular not only because of their look but with their durability as well.

vertical gardens

If you have a problem constantly bending down to tend to your garden, vertical gardens are great alternatives. Vertical gardening can also be a great option for those with small spaces for gardening. You can also create a vertical garden that acts as a trellis for your climbing plants.

hexagonal raised planter

Instead of creating several separate planter boxes, why not create a hexagon-shaped planter box. Creating one can already fit 7 types of low growing plants. It can also be an all-in-one planter box for your favourite herbs to use when cooking.

log raised garden

If you want to make a raised bed garden but do not want to spend a lot on materials, you can always make use of leftover logs in your backyard. Log raised garden beds are cost-efficient and still work great in growing any plant.

unique raised bed garden designs

When creating designs for your raised garden beds and you have a lot of space, you can always try to create unique raised garden beds plans. You can plan on what you want your garden to look like and still grow as many crops as you want.

Below as some designs that you can try:

dreamy and rustic design

This dreamy and rustic design incorporates a star in the middle of the garden and L-shaped garden beds. It combines interesting designs and at the same time give the space needed for you to tend the garden from all sides.

u-shaped garden bed

You can use this design so you can plant as much as you want while making sure you can reach all parts of the garden with ease. A u-shaped vegetable garden bed is also cost-efficient since you can have a large space for planting without the need to create separate irrigation lines.

mosaic pathways

This design has mosaic pathways and the design of the garden beds was based on the available space. As you can see, the garden beds were shaped according to the pathways and vertical planters are placed on the walls. Added garden beds are also on the sides of the walls.

concrete blocks or bricks

You can go for a simple design for concrete blocks or you can be more creative as the one above using bricks.

maximizing space

When searching for garden ideas, you should make the most of the space you have. Just like the design above, owners were able to make use of all the space they have by creating several garden beds and even greenhouses.

garden bed with trellis

You can also create a garden bed with a trellis. In addition to the garden box you made, you must install a trellis where you can plant your climbing plants near it. As they grow, they will simply climb up the trellis without disturbing other plants around them.

potato wood planter box

This wood planter box design is simple yet efficient for those who love planting potatoes. You just must use a rot-resistant wood so that you can maximize the use of this planter. This gives you the ease of harvesting potatoes without the need to dig them and possibly damage them.

greenhouse design for delicate plants

For delicate plants, you should also include a greenhouse in your garden. You can create one that you can lift when you are tending the garden or something permanent that will not budge easily when tending to your garden.

square foot garden design

This is the neatest and most organized gardening technique that you can use for your garden. It allows you to plant different crops in one bed and create more yields than planting it in rows in plain garden soil.

For you to finalize the designs you want for your raised garden beds, you should take inspiration from all the various designs you can find from other gardeners. Just make sure that when choosing a design, irrigation, drainage, and the growth of plants will not be compromised. This way, you are assured that your crops will grow healthy as soon as harvest season comes.

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