the beauty of painted raised garden bed

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The use of untreated lumber building a raised garden bed is considered a gold standard a vegetable gardening, environmentalism, and health. Lately, more gardeners are staining or painting the raised beds. 

Some are making the garden beds more beautiful and attractive one of their backup projects, especially when they used untreated wood for the raised garden beds.  

Wood is known as a very versatile material that is commonly used in a vegetable garden. It is a natural choice for most gardeners since it is a sustainable resource and gives off a good and rustic look to a garden. 

However, not all types of wood can be used to build raised beds. Some are unaware of the risks of using treated wood for the gardens. This is also the main reason why some are hesitant to be the beds.  

Without knowing if some wood is treated with chemicals, there is a great chance that the chemicals would leach into the soil and affect your crops. Therefore, you should be careful of the materials that you going to use for your raised beds. The same goes when choosing the type of paint in making your razors more attractive. 

Aside from making raised beds beautiful, painting also helps protect the wood from rotting. All it takes is for you to be creative and how you design your bed and at the same time protect your plants from being contaminated by chemicals. 

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amazing painted raised bed gardens you can get inspiration from  

Many gardeners are already into painting their raised bed regardless if they used wood, metal, or concrete blocks. Whether it is on your back or front yard, you can never go wrong in building your raised beds and painting them using nontoxic stain or paint. 

Some examples that you can draw inspiration from are the following: 

elevated raised garden bed 

This elevated painted raised garden bed can be conveniently placed in your patio or anywhere you prefer especially if you do not have enough outdoor space. Since it is elevated, you can easily tend to it without the need to bend over or kneel.  

It is also a convenient option for those with mobility issues. You can simply adjust the height to easily access all sides of the bed. Find out how to make this DIY raised bed here

monochromatic raised beds with trellis shares this beautifully and interestingly made raised bed with a trellis to support plants in the middle. The exterior is painted black, which gives it a monochromatic look along with the natural wood colour of the trellis. 

Make your garden more beautiful by incorporating better garden design and proper plant placement. Here, you will see that tomatoes were given enough space to grow while different leafy vegetables were planted on the lower level bed. 

black painted garden beds for edible crops 

These black-painted garden beds are suitable for growing a variety of crops. You can make more yields in these beds since you have enough space for accommodating different crops in one bed. 

As you can see, the beds are only painted on the outside. If you will also paint your beds like this, you can fill the bed with soil right before it reaches the painted area on the top. This way, you can prevent the paint from leaching into the soil or touching the plants.

elegant black painted raised garden beds 

Another elegant black painted garden bed inspiration is the one above. The way crops were planted are organized, which makes it more beautiful to look at. As you can see, herbs along with leafy vegetables are on the other bed while flowers were incorporated in the other bed. 

You can always be more creative in the plant placements in your garden beds. Just make sure that it is not overcrowded to make all plants grow healthy.

colourful metal raised garden bed

Aside from wood, another popular material used for raised beds is metal. There is the galvanized metal that you can use for this purpose or you can also choose to paint it on your own to protect it from rusting.  

This design is a great example of making your metal raised beds look attractive without compromising the health of your crops. All you have to do is to choose the safe type of paint for this that can get the protection needed for the metal while making it look good. 

gray painted square raised beds 

These gray painted square raised beds are perfect for those who are familiar or would like to try square foot gardening. Aside from flowers the same from the sample above, you can mix flowers with vegetables in one bed. 

Make sure that the garden beds measure 4×4 to get 12 equal squares. You just have to learn more about the right plants to grow in this method. 

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colourful tier garden beds for kids 

If you want your kids to get involved with gardening, you can build a tier raised bed and let them paint each level with their preferred coloured. You can also do this to vertical gardens if you also built some of these. This specific design allows your kids with different height to tend to their small garden spaces. 

classy concrete planter boxes 

A great alternative for wood is concrete block. In this example, the blocks were used as planter boxes and placed on the side of the main door. It can add a touch of classiness in the façade of the house and make it look more beautiful, especially with the right choices of plants. 

blue painted cinder block raised garden bed 

Another design that you can do for your concrete or cinder blocks is the one above from With this design, vegetables were planted inside the garden bed while the holes in the cinder blocks were used as planter boxes for flowers. Aside from flowers, it can be used for growing seedlings and allows you to easily transfer them in the bed once they are ready. 

painted and creatively arranged concrete blocks raised garden beds and planter boxes 

With this example from, the raised bed was created with a solid top and sides while some of the sides of some blocks were protruding a used as planter boxes. You can choose one colour like the one above or paint each planter box with different colours to make it more creative. 

Painted raised beds not only adds colour to your garden but also add protection to your bed especially if you are using wood for your bed. You can draw inspiration from the examples provided above and make your versions. 

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