raised garden bed canadian tire review

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Raised garden beds have their pros and cons, but more people are trying to get their hands in these, especially new gardeners. One of the main reasons why many are interested in it is the fact that can turn your garden into a well-organized and well-designed one.

It defines space and at the same time creates pathways that let you tend to your plants easier. A raised bed also helps in keeping critters and animals away.

If you are new to gardening and are looking for a ready-made raised bed, you can find different options at Canadian Tire.

popular raised bed options from canadian tire

As raised beds offer the ease of tending to your plants and produce more yields, you might be wondering what you can get for your first raised bed. Some of the popular options that you can get from Canadian Tire.

botanica modular raised garden bed kit

This starter kit will give you the freedom to be creative with your first raised garden beds. You can make any configurations to achieve the customized garden that suits your style. The available colour for this one is grey, which is an easy colour to match your garden, porch, or patio. A single starter kit comes with two legs and three containers. The area coverage needed is 0.37 square meters and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

what people think about it

Given that this allows multiple configurations, most people who bought this from Canadian Tire specific feature and used it to their advantage in being creative with their raised beds. It is also easy to assemble, and they were able to make it fit where they want to keep a mini garden. They loved how it was convenient to place even in patios or decks with small spaces.

cedarcraft self-watering raised garden bed

If the flexibility of a raised garden bed is what you want, then this one offers the combination of flexibility of raised bed gardening and the convenience of a self-watering irrigation system. This is suitable for balconies, patios, and backyard gardening.

Choosing elevated planters gives you the ease of gardening without the need to stoop or bend while tending your plants. It is sustainably sourced from Canadian Spruce with a circle-cut exterior finish. The surface is also stained to achieve a rustic wood look. Its aluminum legs are coated with a rust-resistant powder that will make it last longer even when exposed to different environmental conditions.

what people think about it

The self-watering feature is what most people love about this raised bed. They love its overall look and was the right size for growing vegetables. It is also on wheels, which gives them the ease of moving it when the plants are supposed to get the sun and rain.

raised square garden bed, 3.5 x 3.5-ft

This kit allows you to set it up without the need for tools. With the ease of assembly, you can start planting on it in no time. It has a wood-like surface, but it is made from resin, which is a minimal maintenance material for a garden bed.

One kit can create a 3.5’ x 3.5’ square. You can also add more on the sides or tiers when you get more of these kits and achieve a larger planting area.

what people think about it

Some people bought two sets of this kit and were happy to make a larger-sized raised bed. They said that the parts were easy and quick to assemble, and the size was just right for them to reach all parts when tending to their plants.

A minor flaw they noticed after they have assembled a larger raised bed is that it gets wobbly when carried. A better solution for this is setting it up on the spot where you intend to put it to keep it in place.

nuvue slate raised garden bed

A major advantage of this kit is its quick-connect fastening system that allows a tool-free assembly and installation. It is constructed with a weather-resistant polymer that will not rust, discolour, or rot. The kit is designed to have tall walls that will help reduce the need for bending for easier garden maintenance. Its dimensions are 11.5” H x 44.4” W x 44.44” D.

what people think about it

People who bought this kit loved how it is easy to put together and was lightweight enough to move from one location to another when needed. It is also easy to disassemble if needed, which adds up to its benefits. Someone highly recommends this and mentioned that it is a great option for a little garden box for starters.

A minor problem is that some had trouble putting it together not knowing that the tabs on the corner bracket must go inside the walls. Regardless, they still loved it once they set it up.

panacea cedar elevated raised garden bed

Constructed with durable cedar wood with four legs to achieve support and stability, this raised garden bed is highly recommended for growing flowers and herbs on your balcony or patio. It is easy to maintain and quick to assemble.

Because of its height, there is no need for you to bend over when removing weeds or tending to your plants. It also requires no digging, which is a plus for most gardening beginners. This is designed with a bottom shelf where you can place all your gardening tools and supplies, making it a convenient piece either indoors or outdoors.

what people think about it

People who bought it from Canadian Tire said that it is an excellent quality starter kit at an affordable price. The size is just right for any garden, and it looks great. It effortlessly adds to the décor of their deck and is straightforward to build.

Some stained it to last longer and used treated screws to connect the entire board. For extra durability and strength, they decided to glue the boards.

adwood modular raised garden bed, 48-in x 48-in x 12-in

If you want to unleash your creativity even with gardening, then you would probably like this one that you can assemble in any configuration that you have in mind. You can arrange it depending on the available size that you have or based on how you imagined your raised beds would look. It is made of sustainably sourced Western Red Cedar Wood to get ground durability. Assembly does not require any tool as it is designed with dovetail joints that will fit slats into the corners.

what people think about it

Most people who chose this were pleased that it was not difficult to put together and said that it was strong. It smells great and they like the fact that it was made with solid wood for its price. They love how it holds lots of soil, which means they get to plant anything they like.

raised garden planter

This one can be used for those with small spaces or those who want to add a complementing raised garden to their gardens. It is made of durable and eco-friendly wood along with 60% recycled plastic. This offers versatility as you can stack several layers to get the height that you like. You can do this without having a problem with leaks.

what people think about it

People who chose this from Canadian Tire loved that it comes with great hinges and the composite material that it is made of. In addition to that, they like that they can combine more pieces to make a larger raised garden bed. It is also easy to set up and makes planting more convenient.

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