best raised bed gardening book to guide you in building garden beds


Raised bed vegetable gardening is an interactive and fun way of connecting with all the food you eat. Starting from sowing small seeds and watching these plants form stems as well as leaves while they grow into mature plants. Though this form of gardening can be simple, there are still a lot of things that […]

things to keep in mind during late summer gardening


Late summer tends to make vegetable gardeners feel drained by all the watering and weeding routine and are ready to put a rest to the garden. It is believed that some of the most productive gardens happen in fall because gardeners tend to plant vegetables in late summer and these all grow in the cool […]

best vegetable gardening books


Beginners in gardening may think of planting and growing crops seem like a tedious task. This is a common way of thinking especially for those who do not have any background in this field. However, thanks to many experienced gardeners, there are a lot of best vegetable gardening books from which you can choose. These […]

growing tomatoes in Arizona: how to grow tomatoes in low desert areas


Some may assume that growing tomatoes is somehow overwhelming, this is true especially when you think of growing tomatoes in Arizona, a low desert area. One of the many reasons why people are starting their gardens is the taste of homegrown tomatoes. It is said that in the United States alone, more gardeners are growing […]

urban gardening Phoenix


Urban gardening allows people to grow their own food around urban areas. Because of urbanization, this practice is now considered a successful alternative as more people are getting into farming wherever they are staying. It is indeed a change from the usual beliefs that the cultivation of crops is only possible in rural areas. Urban […]

best vegetables grown in Arizona


A low desert region, Arizona is known for its temperature that oftentimes goes more than 104 °F to 107 °F. This temperature range is considered not ideal when growing vegetables. However, the hot summer in Arizona should not stop you from creating a vegetable garden. We will provide various vegetables you can plant in your […]

raised bed gardening in Arizona


Arizona’s extreme climate conditions place a lot of stress on plants. Hot temperatures during summer and low humidity can make gardening challenging in Arizona. But you do not need to worry because it is not completely impossible. For example, you can deal with the harsh weather conditions by providing extra water and shade to plants. […]

raised bed vegetable gardening for beginners


Garden-fresh foods are known for their amazingly juicy and sweet flavors and vibrant textures. Nothing can compare to fresh vegetables, especially when you grow them in your home and with your efforts. Among the most satisfying things in life is growing your own food. This allows you to not eat any non-organic vegetables and save […]

use these spring gardening tips for a beautiful garden year-round


Spring is considered the most active season for gardening. It is the time when most gardeners use the pent-up energy they have gathered over the winter. This is the time when you can head outdoors and start cleaning out, preparing your garden beds, repairing the hardscaping, and doing some moving and pruning to get a […]

some of our best gardening apron finds


Gardening can be messy and will require you to bring tools around when tending to your plants and crops. This is when a gardening apron comes in handy. If you are a garden enthusiast trying to look for the best gardening aprons, then we have gathered some of the best gardening aprons that will suit […]